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Melatonin for sleep?

Tue 25 Aug 2015 1:15am

Hi fellow members, I'm asking your advice about melatonin for sleep, and if possible your experiences of it.

my son who is fourteen really struggles getting to sleep and then he wakes several times during the night. We practice good sleep hygiene and have addressed his sensory needs too in regards to weighted blanket, bathing, timing and sensory lighting etc. 

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Dylan's Mummy

Eating problems

Fri 14 Aug 2015 8:22pm


My 4 year old has been recently diagnosed. He has about 4 types of food that he likes and refuses to try anything new. He's starting primary school in a few weeks, and I know he's going to get frustrated and potentially have a meltdown when it comes to lunchtime. His new school are brilliant and really supportive, but if Dylan has a meltdown at school, he'll feel even worse knowing that it was witnessed by his schoolmates.

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GFCF Diets - Opinions and Experiences?HHQNK

Tue 11 Aug 2015 8:08am


Just wondering if anyone has tried/is trying a gluten and casein free diet for their child. Did/does it have any effect on digestive issues, behaviour or sleep? Did you seek medical advice first? How do you ensure your child gets enough nutrients including calcium? 

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Tue 4 Aug 2015 1:14pm

Hi All

just wondering how you all find meal times with autistic children? my little brother who will be 8 this year has autisum and he is a very fussy eater and we are finding it difficult to get him to eat any fruit of veg... any help welcome. x

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And this scary time came, paediatrician advised meds...

Tue 14 Jul 2015 5:44am

Hi all. So after last visit with Xavier's peadiatrician a lot has change... She advised X-ray & usg due to 2cm difference between his legs length, then hormonal blood tests & genetic tests.

Autism. It's not a processing error. It's a different operating system.
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Swimming Experiences - Think Tank!

Sat 27 Jun 2015 7:37am

Hello! I am looking for some honest input about your experiences with Swimming and Swimming lessons for individuals with ASD. I am potentially looking to open a Swim School specifically for children with Autism. I have an ABA/VB background working 1-2-1 within home and school settings as a therapist for a number of years. Having learnt to swim myself as an adult, I am now a keen swimmer both within the pool and in open-water environments, competing regularly in races for fun!

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Toilet training - with the iPad?!

Thu 11 Jun 2015 4:37pm

Hello everyone

Its been a while since I posted a question but I desperately need some advice...

My son, aged 10, has ASD, severe learning disabilities, sensory disorder and more recently epilepsy.  Like so many others, we just get on with the daily challenges but the recent development has left me questioning what to do and I know there are some fantastic people in this community that may have some ideas to help me!

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Book on anxiety

Tue 9 Jun 2015 7:11am

Hi, I just wanted to recommend a fantastic book that I'm reading at the moment. It's called 'the Opposite of Worry' by Lawrence J Cohen. It's about anxiety in kids, probably up to the age of about 12. I wish I had read it when James was younger, but a lot of it I can still use for him (and for myself!) 

the advice in it is more useful than anything we have received from professionals down the years. It's not autism specific, but it is autism aware. my 4 year old is non verbal and clearly anxious a lot of the time and it is helping me come up with ideas for him too. 

Amy - Community Champion
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Sensory Processing Aids

Sat 30 May 2015 10:37pm

Hi all as discussed previously my teenage son has many sensory issues, to enable certain barriers to be overcome I have been advised on various tools & aids that could really help him.
Now locating these things is not a problem however the purchase prices of some are quite expensive, even preowned (where acceptable).

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Sensory Processing

Sun 24 May 2015 1:25pm

Hi can anyone shed some light on sensory processing please?

My son has many difficulties in this area and whilst I have an in depth report from his OT its hard to understand. I've searched the Internet and libraries but I just want an explanation in plain English.

Any help please




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