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Thu 27 Aug 2009 9:36pm


I just wondered if anyone wanted to share any success stories they have had with supplements of any sort.

I started giving my youngest chewable acidophilus at the age of 5 after reading a news article.He used to suffer from very loose bowels .. after taking this things certainly improved.He also became more engaged we saw alot more eye contact etc,  We did improve his diet radically at the same time so I know that was a factor too but if for some reason he doesnt have his tablets then he definatley does become less engaged.

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Toilet behaviour

Tue 25 Aug 2009 11:21am
This may not quite be a medical issue, but it is behavioural. H is nearly 15 and he goes to the toilet frequently. Three times in the past hour for example; four times since got up an hour ago. This is perhaps because he is meant to be doing chores. During a meal, he will often wish to go to the toilet, most often within one or two minutes of the start of the meal. We hold him back, but then he says it is urgent, so we can’t. He doesn’t have any desires or apparent need to go to the toilet before the meal. The same happens during lessons (I teach H at home currently).
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does anyone know about celiac?

Mon 27 Jul 2009 6:11pm
I proberly havent spelt it right. Anyway, my son has ASD and many conditions within that spectrum, he also hasTerminal Chron's disease, collitus, and many other medical conditions, which they have said could be a factor from asd. They ar e now saying that he could have arthritus and that he could have Celiac, does anyone have any info on this? They have said he could have an allergy to white flour, but that is all they have said. Yet again in our son's life, feeling in the dark.
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Tue 9 Jun 2009 4:19pm


My son is 14 and has quite recently began to flee (very quickly) if he gets anxious or can not get his own way.  He has got himself in to a couple of very dangerous situations and also nearly been run over a few times.  His school have said they can no longer take him out because of this.  His consultant has suggested Risperidone to help reduce his anxiety.  I just wondered what people knew of this drug, their experiences (good and bad), side effects or whether there is something else which may be better. 

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Steve McGuinness


Tue 17 Mar 2009 3:23pm
Hello Eveyone,

Dr. Karl Reichelt found elevated peptides in the urine of autistic patients and Christopher Gillberg found high amounts of similar "endorphin like substances" in the cerebro-spinal fluid of those with autistm. There are infact two commonly known proteins capable of having this effect are gluten and casein.

What is gluten .......gluten is a protein which is found in the grass family. as such it includes wheat, barley, oats and rye. Derivatives of these grains are malt, grain starches, grain alcohol,
'Autism is not a tragedy, Ignorance is the real tragedy' 'Just as the rainbow has its spectrum so too has Autism.....welcome to the colour-se7en.
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Fri 13 Mar 2009 9:46am
Hi, my 9 year old daughter who is high functioning autism has walked on her tiptoes since she learned to walk.  Has anyone else ever experianced this?  She looks like a little ballet dancer
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Carole Rutherford

Sensory Issues - Are they a BIG issue?

Thu 12 Mar 2009 5:36pm

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Your experience

Thu 12 Mar 2009 10:07am

Quite a few people have spoken about specific medical or health problems their child suffers from. It would be great if you could tell us more about these individual issues - what problems arose? How did you cope with them? What support did you get and how did your child manage? Hopefully this will help other parents in a similar situation and allow you to share information and resources.

Please give your comments...

Paula Barrett Community Manager talk about autism


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