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Stephanie Bincliffe - huntercombe group - death

Thu 20 Nov 2014 1:46pm

...Lawyers are also examining the case of Stephanie Bincliffe, an autistic woman who died from obesity and sleep apnoea after her weight rose to almost 26 stone while in a Yorkshire hospital run by the Huntercombe Group, which specialises in adult mental health problems and brain injuries.

Bincliffe, 25, who had very challenging behaviour, was sectioned when she was 18. During the seven years at the hospital, 75 miles from her family home, she gained more than 10 stone in weight.

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sleeping problems

Thu 13 Nov 2014 10:22am
Hi all, Just wanted to ask you all about my 11yr olds anxiety sleeping issues. He really seems to be struggling with getting to sleep at the mo,then he gets worried and upset about it. This seems to be a circle that we can't break,any advice would be great.
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Fragile X

Wed 12 Nov 2014 4:51pm

Can fragile X occur if there is a family history of autism or is it just a faulty gene? i would like to know as i'm sure i can see autism and autistic traits through my dad's side of my family and am wondering if i have a duel disability. I have motorskill problems amongst other things but am wondering if a family history of autism has not yet been detected. would this lead to me having either of fragile X or autism with fragile X i have also read about astigmatisms and muscularskelletal problems in fragile X but dont know if this is me.

L Farrelly
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Lizzie P

Anesthetic and recovery

Sat 8 Nov 2014 5:31pm

Hi there

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Laser Energetic Detox Homeopathy

Thu 6 Nov 2014 4:58pm

Hello Everyone,

I am new to this group and am searching desperately for anyone who has any experience with this treatment... I am considering putting my finances, time and energy into getting this treatment for myself and my son... My son has severe autism and I have fibromyalgia among other medical issues... Please help...


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using medical cannabis as a treatment for autism

Wed 5 Nov 2014 1:26am

So, I heard that medical cannabis can treat autism, since I have autism. I looked it up on google and got a trillion good results. I'm going to have a meeting with my doctor because it is a serious concern. The thing I want to know though is, what are usual effectrs of cannabs on autism?

I mean, does it tend to take effect quickly? Will I get naucious? If you could provide me with a list of possible common effects, positive or negative, I'll take it.




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Meds Update

Tue 4 Nov 2014 7:00pm

As hesitant as I was, 1 week later the anti-depressants seem to be helping my wonderful, troubled high functioning 15 year old.  In fact I am thinking of getting some myself!!!.  She is constantly laughing (well until her return to school is mentioned!!!), truly believes she can fly (which is taking alot of time and effort to convince her is not the case...she does not have wings).  Is smiling, maybe just a little bit too much!!, alarmingly so, and I doubt the Dr will need to increase the dose!!!, otherwise she might just put the flying theory to test, all windows now securel

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pica mainly cigarette butts

Sun 2 Nov 2014 11:09pm

hi i work with young adults with learning dissabilities one of whom has pica ,he sometimes gets really fixated with cigarette butts which can lead to undignified struggles when trying to distract him.anyone with any advice would be welcome .

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Help with sleeping please

Sat 25 Oct 2014 9:13pm

Hi my son is nearly 3 , he has never been a good sleeper , he went through a phase    where he said he didn't like his bed then every morn he would just lie in bed and make no sound I would gave to go in to check on him and he would be lay there facing the wall but looking out the corner of his eye to see who had Come in the room , he would be stiff as if he was petrified , then he started with the shouting out at night and singing and laughing his head off and spitting , grinding his teeth this went on for months , now we are at the stage where he wakes up crying saying he do

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katie 34

medicating my son

Sun 19 Oct 2014 5:23pm

Hi, im new to this website, i have a son who is autistic, hes in special needs school and does fab in school, but at home his behaviour is very challenging he has major anger issues, he lashes out bites himseld, headbutts, its becomming very hard,homelife is really difficult, i have thought about medication but always worry as i dont want it to change him as a person, when hes not having a meltdown he is a lovely loving boy, i really need some advice.



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