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Our seminar on transition to adult life for young people with SEN

Tue 5 Jan 2016 1:30pm

We're running a seminar for parents, carers and professionals on the transition to adulthood. 

It's taking place in London on Tuesday February 9th 10am to 2.30pm Central London.


Alex Rook Irwin Mitchell Solicitors

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guy martin

Mon 16 Nov 2015 9:40am

Dual addictions – to death-defying speed and tea – mixed, in the right way, with an infectious curiosity about how stuff works have since turned a lorry mechanic and bike racer with Asperger’s syndrome into one of Britain’s unlikeliest, and most reluctant, celebrities...

...He now works full-time for Moody International, a Scania centre in Grimsby.

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really upset - issues with mum

Sun 15 Nov 2015 9:31pm

So I moved out of my parents' house last week, and since my mother is no longer caring for me I stopped her carer's allowance so that I would be able to get disability premiums, as I have been really struggling financially. I warned her before it was going to happen today. (I don't know if they will stop this week or next week). She said that she thought she would still get the carer's allowance until I was completely settled and could get everywhere by bus and not need lifts or come round for meals or anything.

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Coming off the dummy

Wed 11 Nov 2015 9:12pm

Hi everyone, 

My son has just turned 2 and we are thinking it would be a good time to try and wean him off his dummy.  However, he doesn't cope well with change, and also uses his dummy to calm down when he is stressed or anxious.  Does anyone have any tips on how to approach this?  Or should I wait until he is older and better equipped to deal with such a big change?  


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mike lesser - R.I.P.

Thu 29 Oct 2015 11:28am

..Mike was educated at Charterhouse school in Godalming, Surrey, until, at 15-year-old, he was expelled, with his autism a contributory factor. He resented the idea that the condition was a disability, arguing that it could be “an incredibly useful asset for humanity”. His life story, he argued, contradicted the idea that the condition limited his possibilities.

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Christophe C

Questions, research

Tue 27 Oct 2015 7:56am



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Liam Kay

POSITIVE DISABILITY: Positive disability. Young man explores impact autism can have on people @ work

Thu 22 Oct 2015 2:10pm

Hi Guys,

I hope you don't mind me sharing this. 

I'm Liam I work for BBC RAW, a pilot project for socially and racially diverse young people who want to develop as young digital film makers.

One of our young film makers has Asperger’s Syndrome and he has made a film about the positives of his Autism and the benefits it has brought to his working life. This is a huge moment as Gerard is the first autistic person to make a film for The BBC.

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SEX - parents/carers' concerns discussed on bbc woman's hour

Thu 22 Oct 2015 10:48am

children and teenagers : puberty and sexual urges.

scroll down at link for `chapter` containing frank, explicit discussion.

Kate Reynolds has written a book 'Sexuality and Severe Autism' based on her experience as the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum who also has learning disabilities, and also as an agony aunt to other parents of children on the autistic spectrum.

woman's hour -

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Jack D OU student

Jack's new start

Wed 14 Oct 2015 5:43pm

Hi everyone,

Just put a short update on YouTube. Pretty much the same level of anxiety as I did for the start of the BEng course. It is surprising how quickly you forget things like that, but how quickly they do come back.

Next update once Tim Peake is in orbit.


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