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The thought of university is freaking us all out!

Wed 16 Sep 2015 12:27pm

Hi all,

I'm new to this group.  I joined so that I could get some advice on how to help my 17 year-old son (and us!) cope with his application and transition to university.  He is doing his A-levels at the moment and his AS results were so-so.  So already there's a lot of pressure building to re-take some modules and do well on his A-levels.  With the new system, this means that AS resits and A-level exams all happen at the same time at the end of the year.  

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Being Autistic Booklet

Sun 16 Aug 2015 10:31am

This new booklet called "Being Autistic" was intended to be bought in bulk by autism service providers to be given to those recently diagnosed to support them in understanding and accepting their diagnosis. You can also purchase the booklet singly if you are interested in reading it. You can download a free sample chapter to see if it seems like something you would like to read. You can buy the booklet or download the free sample chapter here:

Laura - Community Champion
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Jack's progression to a MEng

Thu 13 Aug 2015 3:59pm

Hello all,

I thought would just do a short update this time on the forum, instead of a YouTube video.

Anyway first of all my A-Level maths results came in today, they are as follows;

Core 1: 5u       Core 2: 19u      Mechanics 1: 12 u                       Overall: 36u

I'm not certain what these u marks mean so if anyone can tell me please do.

Core 3 is complete and jsut 2 chapters left on Core 4 before my holiday in Sheringham in 2 weeks. Then statistics before the "New Beginning".

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I am 20yrs old and believe i have ASD

Sun 9 Aug 2015 2:03am



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the good listener : ghost in the machine - autists at GCHQ

Sat 1 Aug 2015 9:14am

GCHQ: meet the spooks with very special skills

Hundreds of people with autism and dyslexia work at the government’s eavesdropping post. Why do they make such good spooks?...gchq needs brains that are wired differently...take harry...his eccentricity and energy remind me of both pee-wee herman and steve jobs...harry's habit is the manifestation of his dyspraxia which is ddemd a stength with gchq's neuro-diversity programme...more than 300 men and women within the agency ghave dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism, asperger's and other profiles of diffrerence...

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Mate Crime replacing Hate Crime for children on the Spectrum

Mon 13 Jul 2015 6:27pm


Josie - Community Champion
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Mon 6 Jul 2015 11:28am

I still can't navigate this stupid new website. I want it back like the old one. It makes it more difficult to access for me and I feel really angry about this, and I am definitely using the site less than I used to with the old set up. Stupid stupid nobody listens to me anyway.


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Support at home

Sun 28 Jun 2015 4:05am

Hello All,

I wanted to post a question. I am very lucky in that I have good support at home. A friend lives with me to look after me and make sure I am safe.

However on nights when he can't be here and no friends are able to visit we pay a lady to come visit.

She normally does babysitting for kids, but didn't mind helping out. She is super nice.

She visited 4 times while friends where here so that I could get use to her. I found these visits really hard. I wasn't able to speak much. I got very anxious.

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Swimming Experiences - Think Tank!

Sat 27 Jun 2015 7:37am

Hello! I am looking for some honest input about your experiences with Swimming and Swimming lessons for individuals with ASD. I am potentially looking to open a Swim School specifically for children with Autism. I have an ABA/VB background working 1-2-1 within home and school settings as a therapist for a number of years. Having learnt to swim myself as an adult, I am now a keen swimmer both within the pool and in open-water environments, competing regularly in races for fun!

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doctors - bbc1 - autistic boy/dr who plotline

Sat 20 Jun 2015 10:01am

The Doctor

Doctors, Series 17

Episode 41 of 217

At the police station, a troubled Jimmi treats an autistic boy with a Doctor Who obsession.

Later, Jimmi is forced to put his own issues aside when he discovers the boy is in danger.

He races against time to find him before it is too late.


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