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PIP daughte has to attend assement

Tue 10 Mar 2015 11:03pm

Worried about taking my daughter for assement I am her appointed as she has significant leaning difficulties and ASD  don't know how she is going to react as even going to the doctors is stressful and although I have given them all relevant upto date information can not believe she is going to be put through this stressful situation !

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Will my son still love me when he's grown-up?

Mon 9 Mar 2015 2:35am

Hi all,

I'm hoping you might be able to help with something that worries me.

I have a 5 year old son - a twin - and we are incredibly close. When he was 4 he was diagnosed as ASD. He attends mainstream with a support worker, but has lots of difficulty with expressive speech, even though he is verbal. He never asks me questions about the world around him, has no concept or interest in friendships and I couldn't even begin to talk about anything non-tangible with him. Any conversation is limited to a sentence or two at most. 

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putting property into trust - beneficial tax rules for asperger's relatives

Sat 7 Mar 2015 1:17pm

from the financial times - money supplement.


My property is co-owned by myself and my husband. I would like to put my half in trust for my son, who has a diagnosis of autism/Asperger’s syndrome. We currently have a mortgage on this property. Can I still do this?

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Open plan office

Mon 23 Feb 2015 10:20pm

Has anyone ever worked in an open plan office without any real issues? I am aware some ppl plug headphones and get on with it. 

I work in a fast paced marketing office with around 30+ staff, no external windows or air and noisey from all ends. I just cant deal with i'm a different person when i walk in

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Sat 21 Feb 2015 3:38pm

I HATE being autistic today. I can't live with my parents anymore, I am trying to move out and nobody will help me. I can't apply for supported accommodation because I am not homeless, yet nobody will help me find somewhere for myself because they don't think I am capable of living independently. WHAT THE F***! am I supposed to do then? Stay here until I rot or go insane?

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Relationship & work stress

Fri 13 Feb 2015 12:56am

It's 00:50 am.. I'm downstairs on the sofa crying while my wife snores in bed. 

I'm so stressed all the time I'm ruining our relationship. 

I've been a photographer for 6 years - employed 

I've taken redundancy to become self employed - as an aspie I'm just so obsessed by it all. I love it and I enjoy it but it's taking over my life. I'm so preoccupied I'm just not thinking about everyday things. I left the fridge wide open today, I left candles lit before going to bed. I just feel so stressed I could collapse. 

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Adult Diagnosis Test, advice needed

Tue 3 Feb 2015 4:29pm

Hi all, i am not sure where to start - so starting on this site.

I wanted to know if an Adult can be tested for Autism. I have always known something was up not quite right with myslef - but never knew where to get help/support.

Throughout life I have learnt copying strategies, or avoided certain situation, or been able to bluff them.

On the outside I look and act like everyone else – I do have doubts that I could be Autistic, but just unsure, maybe I have a mild version of it.

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Just dignoised

Thu 29 Jan 2015 7:15pm

Hi I'm a mother of a young adult aged 16 years and 4 months and today finally after 9 years of going to specialists got a diognosis of global developmental delay innatentive attention deficits hyperactivity both of these have been diogmoised for years but as a mother you know your child best an I knew there was more to Megan than that eg takes everything literal says exactly what she thinks and says it can't make freindships has no sense of danger has hypersensivity to sound touch smell and visual I have repeated this for several years and have letters dating back to 2008 fr cas saying wham

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Troubles iin the workplace

Thu 29 Jan 2015 2:49pm

So I've been having a problem recently. I've disclosed to my manager at work that I am going through a diagnosis for autism      I did this as I have to spend extended periods abroad as part of my job and I don't want to miss the appointment. 

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Why won't she acknowledge my birthday?

Thu 22 Jan 2015 8:42pm

Today is my birthday.  I have received several cards and messages congratulating me but not one (yet?) from my Aspie daughter. She gives her father (we are divorced) cards on his birthday and at Christmas and buys him a Christmas present.  She also hugs him when she sees him (not a big hug but a noticeable one.) I get nothing. I sometimes get a half hug if I ask for a thank you for having done something for her, but only if I ask. Has anyone, especially young adults with Aspergers, any insights to offer?


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