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Sun 11 Jan 2015 2:29am

Hi all. I am a support worker and I support a women with low functioning autism. I am looking for clubs/ social activities that she could attend, I've searched the internet but havnt had any luck. There doesn't seem to be many social activities for adults with low functioning autism. She's a people person & loves being out and about and chatting to people so I thought it'd be good to find a social group/ activity group for her to join with others who also have low functioning autism. Does anybody know of any places or have any ideas on what I could do ?

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Relationship & Autism

Fri 26 Dec 2014 11:58am

The title might not be the best suited, but it's the only one I could think of.

I have autism (spectrum; ASD), and I also have ADHD. There's also a girl I like and her feelings are also reciprocated, however, we're not dating for reasons not relevant here.

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Temporary housing - help!

Wed 24 Dec 2014 4:31pm
Hello, I'm in dire need of advice regarding temporary housing and ASD. I'm currently being evicted from a privately own flat the council have put me in after previously being in a hostel for nearly a year. The council have literally been bullying me into taking another temporary flat, despite objections to it's suitability and location. The problem is I've only recently been diagnosed with ASD after a 20 year battle and misdiagnosis of borderline personality, which is what the council were going on to access my needs.
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New Job - Great News!

Sun 21 Dec 2014 5:52pm

I have happy news! I have got a part time job at Cats Protection!

I am so happy because I really love cats. I have been volunteering there for a year, and as a volunteer you get all the mucky jobs, but those things are OK because . . . cats. But as a member of staff I will get to learn much more about things they do, and help them rehome cats to visitors.

Laura - Community Champion
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siobhan o

anxiety sleep

Thu 18 Dec 2014 11:13pm

Hi there

I'm new to this forum but I have been a mental health professional for 30 years my adult son is in college but suffers very poor sleep and severe OCT and anxiety as well as having an ASD diagnosis 

I have asked him to consider taking an anti depression medication called amytriptline that has been useful in the treatment of anxiety and can also help with sleep but he is so reluctant to take them but his anxiety OCD is crippling him and making life so difficult for him 

Has anyone any advice about sleep and anxiety 

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Boyfriend with Aspergers

Thu 11 Dec 2014 1:43pm

Hi there everyone, this is my first post and i'm just looking for a bit of guidence.

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Clare Bull

New Autism Guidance - Your thoughts

Mon 1 Dec 2014 12:13pm

The government is seeking views on proposed new guidance to local authorities and NHS organisations, to support the implementation of ‘Think Autism’, the update to the 2010 adult autism strategy. You can read all the documents (including easy read versions) here

Clare Bull, Policy and Public Affairs Officer, Ambitious about Autism
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adults with autism and end of life care

Sun 23 Nov 2014 7:44pm

When can you talk to adults with autism about end of life care, death and plans for end of life care. Is it appropriate to talk when they are in the age group of 25 to 45?

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Legal System Court Trouble

Sat 22 Nov 2014 12:36pm

Hi everyone. My names jack and im 23 with ASD. 


A few years back i got into some trouble and had ended up with a hefty fine, During court proceedings my autism WAS NOT taken into account etc as i did not like to talk about it! over a couple years i paid off most of my fine around 1000 pounds of it there is 200 left to pay. for the last few years also i have either been solely on benefits or on very small part time jobs! so i have had barely any income. I do not live with my parents i havent since i was 18 either! as i dont like living with people etc!

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Relationship - Internet Fixation

Tue 11 Nov 2014 8:55pm

Hello everyone,

This is my first time on this forum - and my first time reaching out for support from others. I've been dating my fella for almost a year, and he was diagnosed about a year and a half ago with ASD. It already such a relief to see some of your stories. Thank you.


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