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Carrie J

New Here :)

Wed 4 Nov 2015 8:22pm

Hello All 

My 2 year old son is waiting for his autism diagnosis. The Drs are sure this is what he has. 

My Thomas is non verbal and also doesnt eat any food ( he used to though ) but drinks his peadisure fibre and loves orange juice Smile

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Stu S

New and open to advice

Mon 26 Oct 2015 8:17pm

Hi there, my 2 year old son has very recently been diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum. It hasn't' been a complete shock as myself and my wife had our suspicions. Now it has been realised we are finding it hard not to analyse everything he does and feel he is now worse than he was before even though this probably isn't the case. Just got through another meltdown while trying to get him ready for bed.

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SEX - parents/carers' concerns discussed on bbc woman's hour

Thu 22 Oct 2015 10:48am

children and teenagers : puberty and sexual urges.

scroll down at link for `chapter` containing frank, explicit discussion.

Kate Reynolds has written a book 'Sexuality and Severe Autism' based on her experience as the mother of a child on the autistic spectrum who also has learning disabilities, and also as an agony aunt to other parents of children on the autistic spectrum.

woman's hour -

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My daughter is lonely

Mon 19 Oct 2015 10:36am

Hi all,

My daughter is almost 17 & was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when she was 3 years old. Until now we have been coping relatively well with her behaviour but in the last year we have struggled greatly - especially regarding her being lonely. She used to love her own company but not so much anymore. 

She has a couple of friends but NEVER gets invited to their houses - instead one in particular is around a lot at ours.

She has so much to offer in a friendship - polite, funny, quite articulate & with all the usual AS quirks that make her unique.

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Introducing Myself

Sun 4 Oct 2015 8:08pm

Hi everyone,

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Reading and lack of time zone

Mon 14 Sep 2015 8:47am


i'm new to the page and new to being a mum to a high functioning autistic girl. She is six and only been diagnosed in July. Thankfully we only started the process in Feb of this year. 

We are a military family over seas and seem to be left to our own devices! No practical support for the challenges at home. We have recently moved home and school, thankfully due to the nature of school being an environment that she is able to cope with and make the right choices she has settled well. Behaviours become apparent at home and have intensified. 

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Losing hope

Mon 17 Aug 2015 6:12am

Hi All,

This is my first time posting. I have a beautiful 14 month old, he is loving (with his mum anyway) and provides us with such joy, he can be a handful, climbing,getting into cupboards he shouldn't be in etc, but he is a funny little guy, often smiling and laughiing. There's just one small problem, I am positive he has some form of ASD.

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Hello Everyone, I'm a newbie..........with a question

Tue 11 Aug 2015 9:05am

Hello Everyone,

I'm new here, so I thought I would introduce myself.

I'm a mum to a 10 year old girl, who was recently diagnosed as having High Functioning Autism. At the same time, we found via Occupational Therapist that she has Sensory Processing Disorder and Developemental Coordination Disorder (Dyspraxia).  She is in mainstream Primary School entering YR6 in September, and has to have a lot of support. So after lots of assessments, the school is going for an EHCP.

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Sat 8 Aug 2015 8:36pm

Hi. I'm new to this forum. I have  2 boys , one with ASD Jamie 7 yrs who has ASD and his younger brother is Oisin 4. He was diagnosed 3 yrs ago. We live in west cork Ireland . He attends a Unit attached to a mainstream school. He's very happy there . Goes to normal class half the time and into unit then other half. Came as a monumental shock initially but he's doing good now and we deal with it as best we can with help and intervention where possible. He's verbal but uses more basic language and communicates on a needs basis.. Starting to socialise more . 

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Thu 30 Jul 2015 7:00am

I thought I would introduce myself. My son is nearly 5 years old and as an ASD diagnosis. He has very limited speech, a very short attention span and is very hyperactive. He loves books, especially flapping through them and also loves swimming. Any tips on support strategies, groups, activities would be great. We are near cambridge. I am already in touch with NAS. Thanks Philippa


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