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Thu 9 Jul 2009 6:04pm
HI  im sam mum of 4 yr old rhys.....rhys had asd and has jus recently been statemented and will be starting mainstream in sept....initially i had no problem with this, but as time is drawing closer i am thinking that this is not going to be the best choice, rhys will be the only asd in the school, and i am suprised at the lack of training that is put in handing my childs life over to people whom im not sure can manage....its all so confusin we just want the beat for rhys....but what is that???
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Hi to everyone

Fri 3 Jul 2009 12:23pm

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Tue 16 Jun 2009 2:31pm

New here, see some names i recognise from other forums

I am mumi to a wonderful aspie girl nearly 15, she has been out for mainstream for nearly a year and is in a medical unit( for depression)  now and thriving.

Clarissa x


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Fri 12 Jun 2009 10:34pm
Hello I'm Judy mum to Ben who is autistic and almost 8yrs old.  I was introduced to this site by Elena from Talk about Autism. Other parents experiences with their autistic children  I find very handy and have found that the experts on autism are the parents themselves.  This forum is such a good idea and  I'm looking forward to exploring the site....
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Thu 11 Jun 2009 8:13pm

I'm Cate,

I'm a divorced mum with a 10 year old boy - Alex, who has Asperger's.  He is in mainstream in a school who seem to have no clue and who put all of his difficulties down to bad/overprotective parenting.  Alex is my absolute world and a complete and utter joy.  Times can be hard with him but every struggle is worth it with every outspoken and honest word eye opening.  I just wish that more people could understand him and AS/autism better to make life easier him and all others concerned.

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Tue 9 Jun 2009 7:58pm

hi iam rachael, i have 2 sons 6 & 20 months, my youngest has just been diagnosed with autism & my 6 yr old has problems with his behaviour but iam been told hes just a naughty boy & i am the one who should be preventing his challenging behaviour, even though they dont know the half of it because it hasnt been looked into properly. at the minute i dont know if iam coming or going. would love to hear your experiances


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hi im new to site

Thu 21 May 2009 12:45pm

Hi, im Jean. My Son Samuel age 7yrs has asd. he is in mainstream school has L.S.A, a full statement and fortnightly outreach from the local special school.He is doing well.

samuel,was born 4 weeks early weighing 4 llb 6 oz , no early problems,and then at age 3, discovered that he has high functioning autism.

Samuel, has always had a self limiting diet, any advice,would be greatly recieved, and also walks slightly on his toes, again any advice greatly recieved.

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wendy d


Wed 20 May 2009 11:52am

Hi my name is Wendy I have two children one is 2 in July and my oldest is 9 and has asperger syndrome. He is in a mainstream school and we are contantly encountering different problems. The main one at present is my son finds making friends really hard and I am trying to get him some social training but noone seems to be listening and I am at a lose now as what to do next, thankyou all for reading.

Wendy xx

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Hi from Jane

Tue 19 May 2009 4:07pm


I've just registered here - and I know not what I do!  I'm the mum of a 4year old boy with ASD, based in the east of England.  

We've only had the diagnosis recently, and I am *so* aware of how much I have to learn.

Needless to say, I'm nervous about him starting School in the Autumn, and I'm waiting to see if the county will even consider giving him the educational statement he needs


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New website

Wed 13 May 2009 8:07am

I am the mother of a child with aspergers and a research psychologist. I recently wrote a book on parenting children with aspergers and during the research phase of the book I spoke to some 200 parents who often felt that the education system was letting their children down. As a result of these anecdotal stories I felt that we needed to obtain some empirical evidence about educational provision. To this end I set up a website with some other parents.


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