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New website

Wed 13 May 2009 8:07am

I am the mother of a child with aspergers and a research psychologist. I recently wrote a book on parenting children with aspergers and during the research phase of the book I spoke to some 200 parents who often felt that the education system was letting their children down. As a result of these anecdotal stories I felt that we needed to obtain some empirical evidence about educational provision. To this end I set up a website with some other parents.

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Hi from Catie

Tue 12 May 2009 10:40pm

Hello to everyone

My name is Catie and I have two children My son is 3 and a half and was diagnosed with asd 6 months ago. he attends a great mainstream nursery who have been really good with him an educational someone is going to see him on thursday for some assesment to see if he needs extra help. I have a speech therapist who i have not seen for months I am not sure how often they see you but he has no language so maybe that is why.


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Hi to all:-)) Tribunal HELP!!!

Tue 12 May 2009 4:59pm

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hello everyone

Fri 8 May 2009 8:40pm

Hello.  My name is Mary.  My son is nearly 4 and has ASD. 

He starts full time in mainstream education in September which I am worried about for many reasons.

I have never used any online community forums before so bare with me if I seem a bit slow!



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Fri 8 May 2009 3:18pm
My name is Karen i am a very proud mum to my nearly 9 year old son he has low functioing autism, non verbal, severe hyper kinetic disorder and severe global delay at around the 18 month old stage, and other complex issues. look forward to getting to know ppl on here
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Hi all

Wed 6 May 2009 9:51am
Hi all, Just a quick introduction, I am a mom to two children Billy who is 10, and Lola-Rose who is 2 and a half. Lola has just been diagnosed as on the spectrum after me pushing for intervention with my local child development centre. Lola has no speech and interacts with others on her terms basis. Since diagnosis i have researched several different programs and deceided i am going to attend the Son-Rise program in London next year but my head is like a whirl wind of emotions which im sure you are all familar with.
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Steve McGuinness

hello in code

Tue 5 May 2009 7:34pm
Hello Everyone

I have placed the following in code for your information and a little AS fun by way of introduction (binary code)

'Autism is not a tragedy, Ignorance is the real tragedy' 'Just as the rainbow has its spectrum so too has Autism.....welcome to the colour-se7en.
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Hi from Catherine

Wed 29 Apr 2009 9:33pm
Hi My name is Catherine I am the mum of 3 boys aged 14, 12 and 9. My eldest has a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome and is coping well at a mainstream boarding school, the middle one has fairly high functioning autism but with a significant language disorder, he is currently home educated. My youngest has no diagnosis but would probably meet the criteria for Aspergers. He is also in mainstream school. 
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Hello from Stewart.

Wed 29 Apr 2009 6:07pm

Hello all.

 My name is Stewart O'Callaghan and I have a few connections to autism: I have a brother with an ASD diagnosis, I have been an ABA therapist, I research autism and I am also currently in the procedure of gaining an Asperger's diagnosis for myself via the NHS.

 I'm happy to talk about all of the above and look forward to such discussions.

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hello everyone

Wed 29 Apr 2009 12:06pm
Hello i am new to this forum.


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