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Fri 27 Mar 2015 5:39pm

Hi I'm 24 years old and was diagnoised with Aspergers just over a year ago. Its been tough to come to terms with in one way people are like well it must be a relief and in a way it is
but in another its just wanting to be normal at times. Because its strange past 22 years I been what I assumed was normal and yes football did play a big part in my life thoughout my childhood and teen years

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Fri 27 Mar 2015 2:46pm


I am here looking for resources and pointers. 

I mentor a friend who has Aspergers and I really like to help him, but sometimes I do or say the wrong things, or don't know how I should react. 

His interest is music and can talk all day about that. His blog is at If you have a moment feel free to take a look and leave a comment. That would make him very happy.

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good day

Fri 27 Mar 2015 10:24am

Our sub conscious doesn't do all the work for us when we talk to people. There is no need to get an identity crisis over it. The truth is, all those different shells you have created in ur head to use in different situations, is who you are. You created all of them. For such a long time I viewed it the same way you are. A disability that I have to try and over come.  But it's not a disability. Our sub conscious has more important things to worry about, like why do some sequences behave one way and other sequences another? 

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dominic's mom

just want to say hi

Mon 23 Mar 2015 10:25am

my names rachel my son dominic is 5 and was diagnosed with mild autism last sept .my son has a higher intellectual capacity  and i was told by his reception teacher he is one of the brighest in his class.. this doesn't mean though that we dont have issues  and i do need a friend that is going through the same sort of issues i look forward to getting to know you all

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Hello all

Thu 19 Mar 2015 4:12pm

Hi there,  am here to hopefully make some new friends who are in the same boat. I have a wonderful, kind & friendly 15yr old son. He was partly diagnosed with Asperger when he was 11. School has always been his toughest challenge, so he has been attending an education centre since he was 12. He will turn 16 in may, and due to leave centre this year. He has no desire to go to college..he says it reminds him too much of school. Not sure if he will give it a try...just don't think he is ready. Anyone else here have school leaving children? :)x

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Birth children didn't prepare me for this!

Wed 18 Mar 2015 8:33pm

Hi, just fuddling my way around the possibility of my adopted child being autistic or affected by Aspergers and exploring any avenue that might help me in my quest to get the right help for both him and me as not only his mother but his main carer.

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Wed 18 Mar 2015 1:43am

Hello folks.

I was a programmer in England before getting invited to the States to do some stuff. I had a good time and a girl asked me to marry her so she could stay in the States. We ended up working together but one boss tried to sleep with my wife and we lost our visas. We were living on a sailboat in Miami so we sold everything and headed for the Bahamas. We cruised around for a few years living on fish, conch and lobster and whelks etc.

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New to this

Tue 17 Mar 2015 1:57pm

Hello,  I've just joined the forum. 

Our seven-year-old son has a diagnosis of ASD and ADHD, which we've been struggling to secure over several years as he is very high functioning and quite articulate. Since his ADOS assessment in early December we've had no further information or support  about the ASD and I'm keen to find out the best means of support and information.

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My opinion about our Disability

Sun 15 Mar 2015 5:52pm

I am new here and this my first post here. I know we are all very similar to each other but at the same time very different. But we do all seem to understand one another better then everyone else so I figured I should share some of my thoughts on the disappointing ways I see a lot of people viewing them selfs here. So many people struggling with stuff I have spent over two decades worrying about for no reason, and I'm only 27 years old . The constant anxiety over who you are and who people see you as. What emotion you are projecting compared to the one your actually feeling.

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Just joined

Sat 14 Mar 2015 9:22pm


My youngest, Ciaran, age 5 was recently diagnosed with ASC and also possible ADHD (needs further assessment). No one wants to label thier child but I welcome this one. It replaces all his previous labels.. naughty, violent, behavioural, rigid, problem etc.

Ciaran is adorable, loving, clever, amazing. I used to be a little scared of him, now I am in awe of him. He has so much to give. Now we will get the help to guide him.


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