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Son diagnosed yesterday

Thu 19 Feb 2015 6:26pm

Hello, yesterday my son Jacob received his autism diagnosis. He is 2 yrs old and I knew something was different around 18mths. His dr told me he's fine and I should wait and see...I listened to him but  I kept telling myself he's not where he should be so I took him for a second opinion then got him evaluated. I cried and cried all day yesterday. Today I woke up and decided to get on top of things and start doing my research. I ordered the 100 day kit from autism speaks and I have my state program coming today for early intervention.

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Hello... struggling :(

Thu 19 Feb 2015 2:06pm

 Hi everyone

I'm Emma, mum to Zach who is 6 (7 in August). He was diagnosed ASD when he was 3 after a health visitor referred us for a hearing test because he wasn't really speaking. Many assessments and courses later he is at a mainstream school (year 2) with 25 hours a week with a one-to-one. Bit of bckground: His dad and I are great friends having split when Z was 3, we're both with other supportive partners. He stays with his dad 2-3 days a week and he is brilliant with him. 

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post 16 education issues, dicrimination in main stream

Wed 18 Feb 2015 12:00pm

Hi,  my son started 6th form Iast September taking 4 A levels subjects, he is now down to one with us looking for some kind of wrap around course with a local college. This is mostly due to schools lack of appropriate support and lack of help problem solving how best to help, saying things like' if we apply to the higher needs panel they will ask why he is in mainstream 6th form' , not true as I rang the panel dept.

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Hello - new here

Wed 18 Feb 2015 10:46am

Hello everyone,

I have decided to join this forum to connect with other people with autism, particularly Asperger syndrome. I was diagnosed with autism when I was four although my mother and I think I have Asperger syndrome. I will be posting a separate topic on this forum about autism and Asperger's in the media as part of my research for my dissertation at university.

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miss mum

Newbie looking for info

Wed 18 Feb 2015 9:31am

Hi everyone! (firt time posting). Without going throught the whole story (I would be typing till next week!), we have always known our son was 'different' as time has gone on,(he is now 7)  his behaviours etc became more and more extreme, his school suggested going to the GP, which resulted in a CAMHS referal (this was chased up a lot by his school also), after 3 appointments with CAMHS, we were told yesterday they believe he is autistic.

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Does autism go away with age?

Wed 18 Feb 2015 8:09am


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peter london

just wanted to say hello i have 2 asd children 7 and 9

Wed 18 Feb 2015 2:27am

Just wanted to say hello and help i have two beautiful chilldren aged 7 and 9 both with an ASD diagnosis and just wanted people to talk to and share experiences with

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Obsession with Cbeebies

Tue 17 Feb 2015 5:29pm

Hi - am new to this community, and have joined to try and get some advice about my son's obsession, which is driving the family crazy.

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Sun 15 Feb 2015 11:11pm

Hi my name is Laura, I have an 11 year old son who is on the autism spectrum.

I originally went to the GP a year ago thinking he may have had a form of ADHD, he has always been extremely articulate, and very highly strung, he looses his temper so easily......... He was referred to Camhs and was seeing them for OCD and anxiety. It has all been a huge learning curve for myself and my husband......... His behaviour is extremely challenging and some days I'm mentally exhausted before I've even got to work!

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My little boy was just diagnosed

Sat 14 Feb 2015 6:26pm

Hi I'm Tanya my husband's name is Mike we have 3 chilrden a 4yr old daughter, Amelia, 2 year old son, Allen and a 10mon old son, Aiden.

So 2 days ago (after 6 months of testings, screenings and hospital stays) our little boy was diagnosed with Autism. He is 2 and a half. I would sit and type the whole story but I just did this on another site only to find out the post has to be approved before it can be viewed and it took everything in me just to write that one so I will give a brief telling of our story.


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