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Thu 26 Feb 2015 9:05am

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NickyB - Community Champion

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CSV Poxon

i'm out of idea's

Wed 25 Feb 2015 11:43pm

My son turns 5 next month and we have been dealing with his autistic needs for many years now. His bed-time is the worst for us our son loves puzzle and he is what we call an escape artist. We have tall safety gates which he can climb over. The windows are locked but he's tried to force them over, he chucks everything in his room out and down the stair, we have had to be harsh and emty his room.

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Waiting for diagnosis for 2.5 yr old

Wed 25 Feb 2015 6:25pm


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Wed 25 Feb 2015 5:38pm

Hi everyone, just wanted to take a second to introduce myself. My name's Mandi, or you can call me Nonny/squirenonny. I'm an allistic writer (mostly young adult fantasy) currently working on a book with an autistic character. I'll probably mostly be lurking/listening to what you all have to say as part of my research as I work on this book.

If anyone would like to help more directly (read what I've written and give feedback), that would also be fantastic!

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A year of ups and downs

Mon 23 Feb 2015 9:32pm

Well where do i start umm Jan 2014 after graduating and taking a gap year I landed my first full time job (happy days) in Marketing at the University I graduated from. I probably was one of the toppers in class although my grades came out below average, which tutor stated was mainly because i dont put as much effort in as others and i seem to be more of a practical person so i went with that. 

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hello all

Fri 20 Feb 2015 3:07am

Hi all. I have a 6 year old son named John who had a diagnosis a little over a year ago with ASD.  He is generally a happy little chap.  He's in mainstream school but is struggling with most things at the moment.

I noticed something was different the moment John was born.  I couldn't tell you what it was, I just had a feeling.

As time progressed John missed all of the usual developmental markers and by the age of 2 we knew we couldn't wait any more so started down the diagnosis route.

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Son diagnosed yesterday

Thu 19 Feb 2015 6:26pm

Hello, yesterday my son Jacob received his autism diagnosis. He is 2 yrs old and I knew something was different around 18mths. His dr told me he's fine and I should wait and see...I listened to him but  I kept telling myself he's not where he should be so I took him for a second opinion then got him evaluated. I cried and cried all day yesterday. Today I woke up and decided to get on top of things and start doing my research. I ordered the 100 day kit from autism speaks and I have my state program coming today for early intervention.

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Hello... struggling :(

Thu 19 Feb 2015 2:06pm

 Hi everyone

I'm Emma, mum to Zach who is 6 (7 in August). He was diagnosed ASD when he was 3 after a health visitor referred us for a hearing test because he wasn't really speaking. Many assessments and courses later he is at a mainstream school (year 2) with 25 hours a week with a one-to-one. Bit of bckground: His dad and I are great friends having split when Z was 3, we're both with other supportive partners. He stays with his dad 2-3 days a week and he is brilliant with him. 

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post 16 education issues, dicrimination in main stream

Wed 18 Feb 2015 12:00pm

Hi,  my son started 6th form Iast September taking 4 A levels subjects, he is now down to one with us looking for some kind of wrap around course with a local college. This is mostly due to schools lack of appropriate support and lack of help problem solving how best to help, saying things like' if we apply to the higher needs panel they will ask why he is in mainstream 6th form' , not true as I rang the panel dept.

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Hello - new here

Wed 18 Feb 2015 10:46am

Hello everyone,

I have decided to join this forum to connect with other people with autism, particularly Asperger syndrome. I was diagnosed with autism when I was four although my mother and I think I have Asperger syndrome. I will be posting a separate topic on this forum about autism and Asperger's in the media as part of my research for my dissertation at university.


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