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Life at home

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How to encourage creative thinking?

Tue 18 Oct 2016 6:05pm

I haven't been on here for a couple of years but I do recognise same names from before, perhaps some of you remember me!  So what I would like is some advice on is how to encourage my son to make creative choices. Just a simple example, today he was colouring in some pictues. He selected green for the seaweed and red for the crab, but when it came to the spade he got stuck. Because he didn't know the "right" colour and just froze. His language is very delayed, so for example if I said pick any colour he would freeze in a similar way. Any ideas?

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im new here

Tue 2 Aug 2016 9:05am

 HI MYname is martin im 50 visually impaired my lovely partner 22 has autisum high functioning 

M J Rivers
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Needs help communicating

Thu 28 Jul 2016 3:35pm

We have a son who is currently 22 months old, we first noticed something was different when he would not respond to his name from a very early age. From early on we noticed he would flap his arms in excitement, particularly when watching TV which he likes to do a lot off!

He started pulling to stand at 14 months took his first steps at 15 months but then nothing till 17 months when he eventually walked.

Mom of Ayaan
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Peter Wright

Help coping with Aspie dissociations

Tue 26 Jul 2016 7:21pm


Several years ago my wife (who is now 30) started presenting episodes of dissociative amnesia.

She wakes up several years in to her past. This can be very confusing and upsetting as she is unaware of her surroundings or our family members.

Some times these episodes can last for several days, with each period of sleep resetting to a different time in her life.

She can go weeks without an episode.

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Does your child often experience low moods, sleep problems, gastrointestinal issues or challenging behaviours?

Thu 7 Jul 2016 11:45am

My name is Hannah Browne, and I am a masters student in the National University of Ireland, Galway, under the supervision of Arlene Mannion and Dr. Geraldine Leader.  We are looking for parents of children and adolescents with ASD aged 2 to 18 years that experience any of the above symptoms to take part in a study.


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Motivating your child with Aspergers Syndrome

Sun 8 May 2016 4:02pm



I was just looking around the net today and came across this interesting link.  I've signed up to the Webinar that's coming up on 10th May so will try to remember to post more after that.  Having an undiagnosed son in his mid - 20's who spends all day every day sitting in his room all day playing games, I found this really interesting.   It's not a quick fix but with a bit of work this might just work.


Josie - Community Champion
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Child exclusion

Fri 22 Apr 2016 11:00am

My child is on the verge of being excluded. he has been suspended from school for his behaviour and is on his final chance.

he is year 6 and i have just been given a draft EHC for 25 hours support

and yesterday was told that specialist provisions can be looked at.

however i have only found independant schools which may be suitable in my opinion.

this is going to county next week.

however in the mean time my child could be excluded at any point.

plus needs to be looking at somewhere now not next term.

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Silly Sally


Thu 21 Apr 2016 6:30pm


I have been getting concerned about my youngest son for a while now. For those who don't know, I have a 10yo son who has a social communication disorder with traits of autism, we are currently waiting to see if he is on the spectrum or not. These are my concerns;

•The youngest one has never been given enough attention and very rarely our full attention. He has had several medical problems requiring hospital treatment and even then, the oldest one always seems to end of the primary concern.

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Natalie Allen

need some support

Tue 1 Mar 2016 9:10pm

My son who is 3 years old has recently been diagnosed with autism, he cannot talk and he has the understanding of a 12 month old. He is really aggressive and is constantly angry, he bites, throws objects, hurts himself , head butts floors the list goes on. He is constantly hurting his 5 year old sister who is scared of him .


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