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Life at home

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Fluoride Toothpaste

Sat 27 Feb 2016 12:23pm
A bit of an odd one, but my son is now 13 and still using kids fruit flavoured toothpaste. He really needs to move on to adult fluoride toothpaste but he won't use anything with mint flavour. Has anyone come across adult fluoride toothpaste which has other flavours? We've been looking online but can't find anything. Thanks Smile
Nicky - Community Champion
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Natasha J

What do I need to know before caring for someone with Autism?

Thu 18 Feb 2016 1:26am

Hi everyone,

I am currently studying a course in disability support work.
Can anybody please give me an insight of what I need to know about autism before caring for someone with this condition.
More specifically, what I need to know about caring for someone with autism.

Thank you in advance

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S J Wardell

Support Rquired

Sun 24 Jan 2016 6:18pm

Many people discuss the support needed by parents, but what about the support needed by those diagnosed?

My son was recently diagnosed with being on the spectrum; my wife and I punched the air as we thought that this would provide a catalyst for the support our son needs. How wrong we were! Since our sons diagnosis, we are no further forward than we were six years ago. Do we have to continue to raise our son without any support, or direction? What an complete sham this is for any person with a hidden disability and those who care for them.

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Mealtime sensory processing difficulty experiences

Sat 9 Jan 2016 11:29pm


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Head banging

Thu 7 Jan 2016 10:47am

Hi. I've wrote previously about my sons, ones who is four and diagnosed ASD and my almost two year old who we are just starting out the process for diagnosis. And was wondering if any one could give me any advice on head banging.

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Could it be that this Christmas we MAY actually be able to enjoy it a Little???

Mon 14 Dec 2015 2:55pm

Where has the year gone..? To be honest I am glad I blinked and missed it as I don't want to be reminded about how the year started off for us.. Sad 

We are in December now and since Sept lots of Amazing Milestones have been reached with Mark who is STILL doing brilliantly in school. 

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Thu 10 Dec 2015 8:22pm

It is 20.20. I have not yet got around to having a wash, because when I woke up I immediately became engrossed reading articles on a website that had links to lots of other articles and have been busy reading ever since. I am now having a lot of anxiety about the fact that I haven't washed, I need and want to wash, but I am finding it very difficult to do it now. I also need to go shopping, and need to get up early tomorrow, and it is getting later and later. Do other autistics find themselves stuck like this? Why is washing so anxiety enducing? Particularly when done late?

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The Everyday Uses of Music by Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Mon 23 Nov 2015 8:42pm

Hi, my name is Zoe, and I am a 3rd year university student, studying Music Performance. I am currently writing my dissertation, and looking into 'The Everyday Uses of Music by Children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder'. I am carrying out a questionnaire to find out more, which is aimed at parents, whose children are aged between 5 and 7 and are on the Autistic Spectrum. The questionnaire is mainly open questions, and is completely anonymous. Would anyone on this forum be willing to fill out the questionnaire for me? I will paste it below.

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Help-High functioning 10 yr old with sensory issues of smell, taste and touch

Mon 23 Nov 2015 1:35pm

Please could someone advise if there has been any solution found so far or is there any ongoing research that can help my son who currently cannot be kissed, has to shut doors around the home and cannot join in family meals when he thinks someone is having milk, cheese, tomatoes, bananas or certain foods he has a sensory issue with?


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