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Life at home

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Refusing to go to school

Mon 5 Oct 2015 8:41pm


We have a 12 your old boy who was diagnosed with ASD (Aspergers) and ADHD about 2 years ago. We also have two other children who are 10, who do not have any diagnosis at all.

Our 12 year old recently passed the 12+ and gained a late entry into the local grammar school, which he started about a month ago, leaving a small private school, where we felt he was not being supported enough emotionally/mentally.

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In need of advice!

Mon 5 Oct 2015 1:59pm

Hi. I have a son aged four, diagnosed with autism this year. And now am really worried about my younger son who's really two.
Both boys are very different my four year old, is now talking but had speech delay, he attends mainstream school, he's quite, spends a lot of time on his tablet, lots of anexity, and social difficulties as well as poor eye contact and poor diet.

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Struggles, professionals, diagnosis

Wed 30 Sep 2015 4:09pm



my husband and I are cu Renton on the early bird plus course. We are only on week two but feel like our questions are never answered. Maybe I'm expecting too much? Possibly because my unicorn superhero is the only female in the group and there aren't any experts aka mums and dads of females to ask? I dunno. 


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Mon 28 Sep 2015 5:45pm

Hi again - not even really sure what I want to say but I'm having a pretty rough time and didn't know where else to turn really! Sometimes I really enjoy solitute, but sometimes having a friend to turn to would be really nice!

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The thought of university is freaking us all out!

Wed 16 Sep 2015 12:27pm

Hi all,

I'm new to this group.  I joined so that I could get some advice on how to help my 17 year-old son (and us!) cope with his application and transition to university.  He is doing his A-levels at the moment and his AS results were so-so.  So already there's a lot of pressure building to re-take some modules and do well on his A-levels.  With the new system, this means that AS resits and A-level exams all happen at the same time at the end of the year.  

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Reading and lack of time zone

Mon 14 Sep 2015 8:47am


i'm new to the page and new to being a mum to a high functioning autistic girl. She is six and only been diagnosed in July. Thankfully we only started the process in Feb of this year. 

We are a military family over seas and seem to be left to our own devices! No practical support for the challenges at home. We have recently moved home and school, thankfully due to the nature of school being an environment that she is able to cope with and make the right choices she has settled well. Behaviours become apparent at home and have intensified. 

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Glad to have found you all ...

Tue 8 Sep 2015 7:01pm

I've only just found this website and I feel it has come along at a good time for me.  I am a grandmother living in the UK and two of my grandchildren, aged 12 and 14, were diagnosed with AS at primary school about 5 years ago.   Since I've started reading about AS I've come to recognise many AS characteristics in both of my sons - aged 48 and 51 - and my husband of 54 years (John) who is now approaching 80.  So,  i've come to AS late in life although I've always felt that there was something 'different' about the men in my family.  They are all quite exceptional and in many respects wonder

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Melatonin for sleep?

Tue 25 Aug 2015 1:15am

Hi fellow members, I'm asking your advice about melatonin for sleep, and if possible your experiences of it.

my son who is fourteen really struggles getting to sleep and then he wakes several times during the night. We practice good sleep hygiene and have addressed his sensory needs too in regards to weighted blanket, bathing, timing and sensory lighting etc. 

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Need help with 10yr old daughters behaviour at home

Thu 13 Aug 2015 12:15pm

 We are having problems at home , my daughter was diagnosed with autism but where offered no help at all, she is lovely at school the staff love her she does have problems making and keeping friends as she gets bored and usually says things to upset them, when she is at home its a nightmare she rules the house wont let us go out unless she wants to , wont do as she is told and talks to us so nasty , she insists on doing everythink her way ! Including cooking !

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Moving to a new house/area...

Tue 11 Aug 2015 8:16am

So it is looking almost certain that we will be moving far away from where we currently live. There will be a lot of change over the next year firstly getting the house ready to sell and going through the process of selling, packing and moving to a new place where we will be in rented accomodation for a while until we find a new house to buy, rennovate if necessary and then move in. My son is actually relatively good with change (for example, if we change furniture around he is unphased) but he does get anxious in new places and will often say he wants to go home if we are away.


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