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Life at home

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Advice Please

Sun 12 Jul 2015 1:58pm

Just wondering if anyone can offer advise please.  I have a very young son with a diagnosis.  My son doesn't have a bond at all with his father and shows increased anxiety when he sees him (we are not together).  - I believe father is on the spectrum, with other possible conditions, but is in complete denial about his existing long list of medical conditions.  He refuses to see areas he himself needs understanding and assistance on and therefore does not see and is not able to care for my son's specific needs.  Instead he does what he wants and my son has to comply.  This has detri

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Mark's Best Friend

Fri 10 Jul 2015 11:01am

Their like a Old married Couple, LOL. They have grown up around one another since 2yrs old, went to playgroup together and Infant school. Sadly when Mark left infant school they went to different schools, BUT mum let her Daughter come and see Mark once or twice a week and it has continued, now both 11 yrs old. 

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Mon 6 Jul 2015 11:28am

I still can't navigate this stupid new website. I want it back like the old one. It makes it more difficult to access for me and I feel really angry about this, and I am definitely using the site less than I used to with the old set up. Stupid stupid nobody listens to me anyway.


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Mel 832

My little girl

Wed 1 Jul 2015 1:54pm

Im so frustrated, my daughter is such a happy little girl and because she doesnt speak as much as some other children in her age group they want to test and label her.

Im angry and feeling alone i dont know what to think? im struggling to get my head around it and i shouldnt because i worked with autisic adults so i know the drill.

is this my fault?

have i messed up as a mum?

she isnt even diagnosed and she is being treated "different" by close family.

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Support at home

Sun 28 Jun 2015 4:05am

Hello All,

I wanted to post a question. I am very lucky in that I have good support at home. A friend lives with me to look after me and make sure I am safe.

However on nights when he can't be here and no friends are able to visit we pay a lady to come visit.

She normally does babysitting for kids, but didn't mind helping out. She is super nice.

She visited 4 times while friends where here so that I could get use to her. I found these visits really hard. I wasn't able to speak much. I got very anxious.

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My 2 year old with ASD and ADHD HELP!!!

Fri 26 Jun 2015 1:59pm


My daughter is 2 years old and has recently been diagnosed with autisim. Im not a single father however I am not in a relationship with my daughters mother either. My daughter was born when I was 18 and I loved the feeling of becoming a dad. However over the last two years me and my daughters mother began noticing certain things about her which give us signs something wasnt right.

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Catch up time

Mon 22 Jun 2015 2:02pm

Hi Everyone, 

I have been Awol for sometime and can't really remember the last time I posted on here. My life is being over taken right now with Home schooling my 10 & half yr old with Aspergers (Education has changed so much since I was at school and some of the stuff has gone bad). 

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New communication device

Thu 18 Jun 2015 1:59pm

Hello everyone

Amy - Community Champion
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Mon 15 Jun 2015 3:47pm

My son hates sun cream as it is so sticky. Does anyone have any suggestions?  We are going on holiday in the Summer and he is going to need to have sun cream on.

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Hectic time

Fri 12 Jun 2015 6:20am

Hi all. It was a while since I visited here. I guess apart from that time being crazy busy I couldn't log in which could be partially a couse. During that time much happened. Eric finally got portage worker assigned, his speech & language group kick start. Xavier have 4 teeth extracted and suprises surprises he start talking day after! He's not using words on his own but he repeating every thing which is a massive step forward.

Autism. It's not a processing error. It's a different operating system.


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