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Surveys, studies and research

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Haughty Autie

Ch4's 'Are You Autistic' prog., AaA Youth Council and Prof.Baron-Cohen

Tue 10 Apr 2018 4:30pm

Hi, I'm a new member.  I had just written a paper called 'Sex, Gender, Class and STEM-subjects vs. Humanities in Constructions of Autism', when I saw the programme 'Are You Autistic?' on Channel 4.  My paper was concerned with the 'New Classic Autism' stereotype that James McGrath had referred to in his book: 'Naming Adult Autism' (2017) and very much involved Prof.

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Speech course study: Recruiting parents of minimally verbal children with autism.

Tue 10 Apr 2018 4:14pm

The Autism Research Centre in Cambridge is looking for volunteers to take part in a new research study. We are running a pilot randomised controlled trial of a speech course aimed to help parents to develop the oral-motor articulation of speech sounds in their child/ren with autism. The course is commercially available on the platform Cambridge Autism Learning (, which is a community interest company jointly owned between Linguisticator and the Autism Research Trust.

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Looking for Parents of Children with Angelman Syndrome

Wed 7 Mar 2018 3:55pm


My name is Rebecca Gilligan. I am a final year, undergraduate, Psychology student at the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). Along with my supervisors, Dr. Geraldine Leader and Dr. Arlene Mannion, researchers at the Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelopmental Research (ICAN), we are conducting a study on co-occurring problems in children and adolescents with Angelman Syndrome.
It would be an amazing help if you would be willing to please follow the below link and complete the study:

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Jules Attwood

Research study exploring social confidence.

Wed 19 Jul 2017 2:52pm


My name is Jules and I am a trainee clinical psychologist at the University of Bath. I am conducting a survey which has been designed to explore whether some of the factors thought to influence social confidence in the wider population are equally relevant for people with autism. I am doing this to help psychologists understand how current therapies for social anxiety may need to be adapted to be more helpful for people with autism who wish to access them.

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Residential Special Schools

Fri 10 Feb 2017 9:48am

Hello everybody!

Just passing on an email from our colleagues at NASS. They're running a survey for parents and families of children in residential special schools. 

Info below:

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Hi everyone!

Wed 8 Feb 2017 12:52pm

Hi! My name is Alex I am currently a 4th year student at the university of Dundee studying psychology and english literature. I am really interested in autism and decided to do my dissertation on a topic I think is important, which is the transition between primary and secondary school for children with autism. 

The study explores parental views of the support given to children with autism in primary and secondary schools.

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New Year - New Career; What is your experience of Careers Advice?

Wed 21 Dec 2016 9:46am

Hi all 

As we approach the new year and resolutions begin to be formed, I am starting work on planning careers education for children and young people with autism; this includes resources for those with little or no communication. 

I call on you to help me by answering some questions on your experiences please! If you wish to, please email me direct with your responses on

Clare Caccavone, Head of Learner & Family Engagement at Ambitious about Autism
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Urban Space and Autism

Mon 19 Dec 2016 9:32am

Hi Everyone,

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Experiences in family courts with autism

Wed 7 Dec 2016 12:15pm

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I'm doing some research for my masters dissertation. I'm hoping to find out any experiences from adults with autism who have been through family courts. 

As my research has already discovered, often those working in courts do not know how to help those with autism. 

I would love to hear from anyone who has some experience. 

Many thanks. 

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Sensory toys and products in the UK market

Mon 22 Aug 2016 2:29pm

Hi, my name is Veronika.

I am conducting the research about the toys and products in UK market for children and young people with ASD.
I have noticed that parents struggling to find an appropriate toy for their children, therefore I want to learn how difficult it is and what is the reason.

I will really appreciate if you can complete my short survey which will take only couple of minutes.
Any additional comments are highly appreciated.

Please follow the Google docs link below:


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