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Training levels

We recognise that some individuals and businesses may want to reference the training they have received on their website, or marketing materials, as well as internal literature. 

The examples below are just that, examples. All of this information will be outlined in greater detail in individual service level agreements. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our training team. 

“Trained by Ambitious about Autism”

  • Example: a 90 minute training session 
  • 1 year limit

"In association with Ambitious about Autism"

  • Example: a joint one off venture or event
  • 1 year limit
“With support from Ambitious about Autism”
  • Example: 90 minute training session delivered alongside additional requests for advice / review of services / review of products and/or an Autism Exchange partner who has taken on more than one placement. 
  • 1 year limit from final session
“In partnership with Ambitious about Autism”
  • Commitment to regular training
  • Full service review
  • Demonstrate implementation of recommended adjustments
  • Subject to regular review of relationship
Please note: for all levels of training the use of the Ambitious about Autism logo must be pre-agreed. 


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