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Autism poem

Kirstie talks about what autism means to her.

It’s the way my brain is wired, it’s why I think the way I do

It informs how I behave and how I react and respond to things too

It’s the immense ‘behind the scenes’ work, I put in everyday

It’s why I need routine and structure integral to my day

It’s the support that helps me do it, the work that most will never know

It’s my dogged determination, the inability to let things go that can be my friend and foe

It’s all my quirky ways, the funny things I say and do

It’s why when you ask ‘do you really need all that stuff? The answer is ‘yes I do!’

It’s what makes my powerful imagination my constant companion

It’s also what can make my focus second to none

It shapes how I experience life and the world that is around me

It’s how I process these things, from how I feel to what I see

It’s this that often makes it so overwhelming and sometimes it’s quite painful

It’s what conversely can make it so very beautiful and quite incredible

The truth is that it’s all these things but it’s also so much more

But if I went on too long then I’d just become a bore

I hope it’s helped you understand a bit more of what being autistic is to me

In a simple, succinct way, I’m just ‘wired’ differently Smile 





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