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I think I'm autistic

I think I'm autistic

Not everybody is diagnosed with autism as a child. In fact, many adults go through life without a formal diagnosis. 

While not everybody wishes to seek a diagnosis, it can help to answer questions about your life experiences or explain why you might find some things more difficult than others. 

A formal diagnosis may also unlock extra support, such as access to benefits or care services. 


I think I might be autistic?

If you think you might be autistic and wish to seek a formal diagnosis, you will need to be referred for an assessment by someone like a GP. 

Not all GPs are experts on autism so it's a good idea to present them with evidence about why you feel you are autistic. 


Further information 

The National Autistic Society has lots of useful information and resources on its website about the adult diagnosis process.

Also read Amy's blog on her experience getting an autism diagnosis.