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The Dilemma

Gabriela shares her poem with us.

The Dilemma

What should I do?

Several words and numbers filled the air

They run about like dogs in a park

Confusion! Confusion! How can this be?

Attempt after attempt and nothing

It's like travelling through a faulty time machine

But that's not the worst of it

It's as if this dilemma is an unsolvable maze.

What a dilemma!

I try to get the words and numbers

Use them in my solutions and thinking

But nothing

Mum comes along, reads the words and numbers

But still nothing

With no hope left, I slam the pen down like a wrestler in the ring

Mum scolds me with her wise words

Confusion is still trapped inside me

Where are my head and brain?


They are on an island relaxing

A peaceful island

Where the waves pass by you like calm parents walking with kids

The gusts of wind flow in the air

No noise is heard but the noises of nature

Come on guys! Wake up! I need you!

Don't let me down!

To end this off, this here guys is the dilemma.

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