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Ambitious about Autism podcast

Ambitious about Autism is the national charity for children and young people with autism. We provide services, raise awareness and understanding, and campaign for change. This is our monthly podcast which was created by the Youth Patrons at AAA and covers the topics that they are interested in from their unique perspective.

Episode 1 ft David Mitchell

In our first ever podcast, Youth Patron Jasmine Bigden talks to David Mitchell about his new book 'Fall Down 7 Times Get Up 8', an illuminating account of Naoki Higashida's experience with non-verbal autism. 

Episode 2 ft Winstons Wish

Youth Ambassador Megan Hughes speaks to Clare from Winstons Wish, the UK's childhood bereavement charity, about coping with bereavement, supporting young people with SEND needs, and tips on maintaining a routine after a death in the family.
This episode is dedicated to Sue Hughes.

Episode 3 ft Young Minds

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, Youth Patron Sam chats to Youth Activists Maisy, Annie and Alex from Young Minds about autism, mental health and campaigning for change.

Episode 4 ft Anti-Bulling Alliance

Youth Patron Kerrie speaks to Martha Evans from the Anti-Bullying Alliance about Anti-Bullying Week which runs from 13 - 17 November and encourages all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. 

Episode 5: An Interview with Anne Hegerty

Seasoned podcast hosts and Youth Patrons Sam and Jasmine interview Anne Hegerty aka The Governess on ITV's The Chase about her career, quizzing and her autism diagnosis.

Episode 6: Autism Representation in the media

Jules Robertson from Holby City, Rosie King from Pablo and Lucy from Access All Areas discuss autism representation in Film, Television and Theatre.

Episode 7: LGBT History Month 

To celebrate LGBT History Month, Ashley Stephen spoke to LGBT and autism activist Dan Barrett and performer and poet Harry Giles about making LGBTQIA+ spaces more accessible for people with autism and the importance of activism and celebrating your differences.


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