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We are recruiting new members for our Youth Council!

We are recruiting new members for our Youth Council!
Our Youth Council is a group of 16-25 year olds, with autism, who meet at least four times a year to discuss and plan campaigns, events and consultations. Our Youth Council make sure that all the work we do at Ambitious about Autism reflects the views and needs of children and young people with autism.
To be a member of Youth Council you must be:
·         aged 16-25 years old and living in the UK.
·         diagnosed with autism.
·         able to attend meetings in London and events across the country (We will pay reasonable travel expenses, provide lunch and practical support so that you can take part and contribute). 
You do not need any experience to apply for this role!
We would also like to note that we want our Youth Council to represent the range and diversity of the whole autism spectrum. This means that we are particularly keen to hear from people with autism who use assistive communication methods, those who also have a learning disability or have never been involved with Ambitious about Autism before. 
For more information about this opportunity download our Youth Council Fact File and apply using the Opportunity Form.
If you have any questions please email participation@ambitiousaboutautism.org.uk 
Fact File Audio:

Opportunity Form Audio:




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