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Youth Council: Meet Jack

Jack Welch is 24 years old and from Dorset

Why did you choose to apply to be a member of Youth Council? 
It was somewhat of a new discovery for me, as I had been participating in a number of projects and voluntary roles until that point, but I wanted to gain more of an understanding about my view of autism and how it’s shaped my life so far. The Youth Council presented a refreshing and engaging avenue to achieve that. 

What are you most proud of doing during your time on Youth Council? 
I think there's been a considerable amount of positive change since I first became a Youth Patron and within the organisation overall. Whether it has been helping to recruit our new members or seeing the Youth Council become much more self-sufficient, as we set more of our own priorities, which has led to the development of campaigns like ‘Know Your Normal’.  

Would you recommend Youth Council to other young people? Why? 
You will meet a new network of vocal, supportive change-makers who want to see society become a more accepting and inclusive place for others that are autistic. Besides that, Youth Council offers a unique chance to access other opportunities where you can represent Ambitious at an array of events and special occasions. 

What skills have you learnt since being a member of Youth Council? 
I have chaired and facilitated the meeting a couple of times, which has built my skills in managing meetings and ensuring everything runs as it has been planned. Additionally, campaign delivery from the very beginning and being directly involved in its workings has played a vital aspect in my time on Youth Council. 

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