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  • 20
  • Jul
  • 2017

Exclusion Guidance, Government Consultation Response

Our response to the government's consultation around exclusions said incidents of unlawful exclusion should be recorded and illegal practices sanctioned. We will continue to work with the government to ensure the impact of illegal exclusion is understood.

  • 15
  • Nov
  • 2016

How contacting my MP helped my son with his schooling

The important thing is that with the backing of the MP, things are finally getting moving and hopefully William will be able to start school in January 2017.

  • 07
  • Nov
  • 2016

Illegal exclusion, a matter of right and wrong

Nobody wants to fight for their kids to go on a school trip, attend the Christmas party or just eat their lunch at school.

when will we learn?
  • 02
  • Nov
  • 2016

Joe's story; our campaign model shares his school experiences.

The star of our 'when will we learn?' trailer's story, as told by his mother Zoe. 'On the second appointment he was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, at nearly five. He had already been excluded around nine times at this point by the mainstream school that he was attending and on the day that we got his statement through he was permanently excluded.'

  • 02
  • Nov
  • 2016

Ray of Sunshine

Ray is a sensitive, artistic and kind hearted boy on the Autistic Spectrum. Like many children with autism, he has experienced a great deal of upheaval in life because of his diagnosis.

  • 14
  • Oct
  • 2016

Outside the circle

What does a largely non-verbal six year girl with moderate learning difficulties, a severe speech disorder and sensory processing disorders have in common with your typical, mainstream-educated six year old?

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