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Meet the participation team

Our participation team at Ambitious about Autism run our youth engagement programmes including the Youth Council and the Ambitious Youth Network. The team also lead on consultancy projects with external organisations. They work to ensure autistic young people are at the heart of all we do.  


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Abi Odell

Digital Participation Officer

Abi has a wide range of experience working with young people from a variety of backgrounds. She has worked across ages in early years settings through to post-16 services and most recently supported young people to take their next steps into further education. She is very excited to be working with the Ambitious Youth Network and is eager to contribute to the continual strength of the participation team.  

Find out more about Abi by reading her one page profile.

Nuala Flewett

Participation Programme Manager

Nuala has worked in the charity sector for several years and has experience and knowledge of working with young people, with a particular interest in mental health and neurodiversity. Nuala has experience of participation and co-production with young people, as well as building relationships and developing new partnerships. Nuala is very excited to lead the participation team at Ambitious about Autism. 

Find out more about Nuala by reading her one page profile.

Imogen Wilson

Digital Participation Assistant

Imogen has experience of working with autistic children and young adults across many different educational settings. This has included mainstream schools, specialist units and Ambitious college. She is excited to be working with the Ambitious Youth Network and the Autism Education Trust to support the young person’s panel in all the hard work they do. 

Find out more about Imogen by reading her one page profile.

Kate Golding

Peer Sessional Support

Kate has worked in social care and educational settings for people with SEN for many years. Kate is passionate about inclusion and mental health. Kate currently works as a Learning and Behaviour Specialist at Ambitious college and is also a listening volunteer for Samaritans and currently studying counselling skills. 


Natasha Hawley

Peer Sessional Support

Natasha has a full-time role in the central services of Ambitious about Autism and supports evening sessions working with young autistic people. She has experience working with young people in mainstream schools and universities and currently runs a mentor programme. Tash really enjoys her work growing our education services at Ambitious as well as creating the Inclusion content and resources on our website.

rory sheridan

Rory Sheridan

Digital Participation Assistant

Rory has varied experience of working with young people from a range of backgrounds. He has worked across age groups in widening participation in an arts university and for a government collaborative outreach programme. He has volunteered with the national charity for people who stammer. He is keen to learn more about autistic young people through the Ambitious Youth Network and other participation initiatives.

Find out more about Rory by reading his one page profile.

Joss Lambert

Joss Lambert

Peer Sessional Support

Joss has a full-time role as a Marketing and Communications Assistant at Ambitious about Autism and supports evening sessions working with autistic young people from the Ambitious Youth Network. Joss has lived experience of the autistic community as his younger brother is autistic, and he is passionate about advocating for the rights of autistic young people in wider society. He enjoys his work in the marketing and communications team and wants to spread an informed awareness of autistic young people by engaging with their interests directly.

Find out more about Joss by reading his one page profile.