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As a business or organisation, you are likely to provide a service for an autistic young person.  

At Ambitious about Autism, we can offer expert advice and support to businesses and organisations to help you understand what autistic young people and their parents want and need. 

We work alongside our Ambitious Youth Network members on all projects to ensure the work we deliver is based on the lived experiences of autistic children and young people. We offer several services including: 

  • consultations on policies and projects 
  • insights workshops
  • focus groups and product testing
  • expert advice on autism 
  • public speaking at events.  


Our priority when working with organisations is to ensure autistic young people are treated with respect and have their voices heard in a meaningful way. 


If you're interested in commissioning a youth-led consultancy project, the participation team would love to hear from you to discuss possible opportunities. Find out more information and get in touch.

Please provide more details about your enquiry. For example, why it’s important for you to work alongside autistic young people, project background, key outcomes, timeline, and budget.