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Employ Autism network

Employ Autism network

“I’m an asset. Not a problem.”

Georgia, autistic young person

We all have ambitions for our future. Young people with autism are no different. Sadly, too many young people with autism are missing out on employment and the chance of a fulfilling future. 

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Through the Employ Autism network, we are creating six regional networks across England. Each network will have its own local infrastructure and build a sustainable model to provide careers advice and work experience to autistic young people, as well as training for employers, educators, charities and public sector organisations. 

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Become an Employ Autism partner

By joining Employ Autism, you can be part of our pioneering three-year strategy, which will give autistic young people across the country a fighting chance to gain employment, change ingrained and outdated systems and transform the lives of a generation. 

As an Employ Autism partner, you can enjoy many benefits for your organisation, whether large or small. 

  • Employers providing paid experiences of work to young autistic people can access an untapped talent pool, providing a unique competitive advantage.
  • Educators, charities and public sector organisations can improve how we effectively support autistic young people into employment by joining our network.
  • Autistic young people and families will have the opportunity to access effective careers advice and paid work experience, which will be invaluable for successful future employment.
  • All Employ Autism partners can also benefit from access to free autism confidence training and reports on our progress. 


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Currently, everyone is missing out: autistic people miss out on a future of employment, independence and feelings of self-worth; and employers miss out on a large talent pool, populated with people who can bring unique strengths to the workplace. 

By becoming an Employ Autism network partner, you can play a vital role in building a nationwide employability ecosystem, changing outcomes for young people with autism and positively impacting the economy. 

“We all hear lots of things around how you can get the best from your workforce, how flexibility is everything. But frankly, we’re not hearing enough about programmes like Employ Autism. As innovative and progressive employers, we all have a real responsibility to engage and to welcome those who are different. My advice would be to get involved.”

Tristia Harrison, Chief Executive Officer, TalkTalk, Manchester and Employ Autism partner

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