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Transition to employment toolkit for employers

Toolkit for employers

This toolkit has been designed to support employers who are recruiting diverse talent. We want autistic young people to have better access to work experience and paid employment and these resources provide employers will the tools to make their workplace more inclusive. 

They can be used by the employer themselves, or in collaboration with an autistic young person and a post-16 careers and employability professional.

The resources and editable templates support employers to review their recruitment practices and identify appropriate workplace adjustments so that autistic young people can access, participate and succeed in their role. 

Workplace adjustments must be individualised for each autistic young person and they must be understood, respected and embedded by employers within all workplaces. 

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Employ Autism

We have a successful track record supporting autistic young people into employment. Find out more about our work with employers and young people.

Training for employers 

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