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Training courses for parents and carers

Understanding autism for parents and carers

Following an autism diagnosis, many parents seek more information and guidance to help them ensure their child has the best future.

We offer training that empowers parents with confidence in understanding their child’s needs and equips them with knowledge to advocate for their rights. We run training sessions on understanding autism, disability discrimination and school exclusion policies, among others.

Benefits of this training course:

  • Increase your understanding of autism and your child’s needs.
  • Gain an understanding of practical, evidence-based strategies that will support your child.
  • Build knowledge of your legal rights in areas such as education and welfare entitlements.
  • Increase your confidence in engaging with services supporting your child.
  • Access to further information and direction to further autism resources.


Upcoming dates: 

  • Wednesday 13 April
  • Wednesday 25 May
  • Thursday 23 June
  • Wednesday 6 July 

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