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Meet the participation team

Our participation team at Ambitious about Autism run our youth engagement programmes including Youth Council and the Ambitious Youth Network. They work to ensure autistic young people at the heart of all we do. 


Follow youth participation at Ambitious about Autism

There are many ways to keep up to date on the latest youth patron work, including: 

  • Sign up to the Ambitious about Autism newsletter - find out about other opportunities to campaign, attend events or get involved.
  • Join the conversation - follow Ambitious about Autism social media accounts Twitter, Facebook and Instagram


Ambitious about Autism Participation Team Emily

Emily Niner

Participation Manager

Emily manages the youth participation programmes that Ambitious about Autism offers. This includes Youth Council, the Ambitious Youth Network, consultancy with the Youth Patrons and youth participation with other organisations.

To find out more about Emily by reading her one page profile.

Sarah O'Brien Participation and Policy Officer profile image

Sarah O'Brien

Participation and Policy Officer

Sarah is autistic and works with the Youth Council, manages the Ambitious Youth Network and organises projects for young people to get involved with.

To find out more about Sarah by reading her one page profile.

Juli Salgado profile image

Juli Salgado

Participation Assistant

Juli has extensive experience working with autistic young people in educational settings and has a bachelors degree in Psychology from Coventry University. She is passionate about all young people having their voice heard and giving them a chance to express themselves. She hopes to make a positive impact on all the young people she works with.