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The Postal Museum

The group of Youth Patrons provided different views about what autistic people, those with a learning disability and those with different sensory sensitivities, may want to know about.

Working collaboratively with the Postal Museum they have developed:

  • Comprehensive visual stories to prepare autistic people visiting the two museum sites.
  • Sensory ‘post satchels’ filled with information and sensory toys for visitors. Post satchels are colour coded with separate resources for differing needs and preferences.
  • A pre-visit video with information to help plan a visit to The Postal Museum.
  • Communication cards to provide a non-verbal route around the museum.
  • Relaxed morning events for autistic and neurodiverse audiences.

The Postal Museum has also committed to training all front-of-house staff in supporting autistic visitors.

You can find out more about the work the youth patrons have done with the Postal Museum. 


Interested in commissioning a youth-led consultancy project?

If you or your organisation want to work with the Youth Council on a similar project - to make space more autism friendly - contact the team to find out more.