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Parent Patrons

Our Parent Patrons are individuals who have a lived connection to autism. They are parents to an autistic child or children, or they themselves have autism.

Sophie Walker Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Sophie Walker


Sophie started campaigning and raising awareness of autism after her eldest daughter Grace was diagnosed as autistic. She published a book about the challenges her and her daughter face called Grace Under Pressure.  

The former leader of the Women’s Equality Party has helped to tackle misconceptions about autistic women, and has been a recent champion of climate change activist Greta Thunberg. 

Claire Ryan Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Claire Ryan 


Claire is mum to three autistic young people. She was also diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. For many years Claire has been a community champion in the Talk About Autism online community. In her spare time she supports parents and teachers in all matters relating to SEND, and is passionate about inclusion and equality.

Clare and John Coombe-Tennant 


Clare and John Coombe-Tennant are parents and part of the Ambitious family. Their son Theo attended TreeHouse School. Through John’s generosity, our Youth Patrons were able to host an education debate in the Clothmaker’s Hall in central London to mark our 21st anniversary. 

Keith Duffy Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Keith Duffy

Singer and actor

Boyzone singer and actor Keith Duffy has made a huge contribution to increasing autism awareness in both the UK and Ireland.

Keith’s daughter Mia is autistic and over the years he has used his platform to tirelessly fundraise for a host of autism charities, including Ambitious about Autism.

Nicky Clark Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Nicky Clark 


Nicky Clark is a prominent campaigner and champion of disabled people’s rights. In 2008, Nicky launched a campaign called Don't Play Me Pay Me, a site that promotes authentic portrayals of disability on the large and small screen. Nicky also campaigns on behalf of carers and against disability hate speech. 

Nicky is autistic (receiving her formal diagnosis in 2015) and has two autistic daughters. 

Nicky’s daughter Lizzy was the first autistic actor to play a character in a major TV drama with autism (Poppy in the BBC’s Dustbin Baby). Last year Lizzy also appeared as an autistic character in the well-received BBC Radio 4 drama, Indigo Children. Nicky’s youngest daughter Emily has a learning disability and epilepsy. 

Matt and Elisa Mischon Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Matthew Davis and Eliza Mishcon 

Parents and campaigners

Matthew Davis and Eliza Mischon are parents and passionate autism campaigners. Their autistic son Isaac was diagnosed aged three and they have another daughter, Tabatha. Matthew has written beautifully about his and Eliza’s experience as parents watching Isaac grow up in his blog called My Son Isaac.

Matthew co-owns creative agency Red Brick Road and has worked with us to increase and promote neurodiversity within the company. He and Eliza support our work in many different ways, from supporting events to fundraising on our behalf, and beyond. 

Charlotte More Ambitious about Autism Parent Patron

Charlotte Moore

Author and journalist

Charlotte is an author, journalist and mother of three sons, two of whom are autistic.

Her 2004 book George and Sam was published to huge acclaim and was immediately regarded as one of the key books on autism.