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Our training courses

Our training courses

We offer training sessions that benefit a range of groups working with autistic young people.

Webinar: What is Employ Autism?

In this short session, we will provide an overview of our employability programme, Employ Autism, and the benefits of paid work experience for an autistic intern.

Webinar: How to support autism in the workplace

A short webinar giving an introduction to understanding autism in the workplace. Join us to access a shorter version of the content that is covered in more depth during one of our longer training sessions.

Training courses for educators

We offer training courses for professionals working with autistic young people to better understand social and communication differences, practical strategies and improve support and teaching practices.

Additional training for specialist careers and transition professionals

We offer specialist training for careers professionals and those working in post-16 settings to support autistic young people as they move into the next stage of their education.

Training courses for parents and carers

Our training for parents is designed to equip them with the skills and knowledge to support their child and advocate for their rights.

Training courses for employers

Our training for employers equips businesses with greater understanding of autism and how they can meet their autistic employees needs.