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Youth Council

Our Youth Council is a group of 15 young people aged 16 to 25 who ensure that all our work reflects the views and needs of autistic children and young people. They report directly to the charity’s board of trustees, and give their views on all parts of Ambitious about Autism’s work.

The Youth Council also provides autistic children and young people with the opportunity to learn about governance, and build skills and experience in presenting and teamwork.

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What is the time commitment?

The Youth Council meet four times each year to discuss the issues that matter to young autistic people. Youth Council members may also be invited to take part in additional events and opportunities related to Ambitious about Autism's work. 

You can be a member of Youth Council for a maximum of three years. If you are interested in applying to be a Youth Council member, any new opportunities will be advertised on the Ambitious Youth Network. Please sign up to the platform to receive notifications about any vacancies or other opportunities.  

If you have any further questions about the Youth Council please contact the participation team


Our current Ambitious about Autism Youth Council members

We asked each of the members of the Youth Council if they would like to share what they enjoy about being a member, their favourite projects and what they want to achieve during their term on the council. Here's what some patrons had to say:


Alice - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I joined the Youth Council because I really enjoy being part of a group with other autistic young people because I feel a strong sense of belonging. I would also like to meet other autistic young people who are passionate about raising awareness of autism like I am. By being part of the Youth Council I hope to raise awareness of how autistic children and young people can thrive in education, academically and socially if they are in the right environment. I am proud to be autistic. I want to help other autistic children and young people to understand their autism and not feel isolated or lonely.

My specialist interests are the history of the Lego group, building and displaying Lego models and autism. My other passions and interests include skiing, horticulture, gardening in my own garden, reading books by autistic women and girls in particular, Marvel films, being part of the Ambitious Youth Network, researching specialist schools and hiking.  


Youth Council member

I joined Ambitious Youth Council because I am passionately driven to create inclusivity and acceptance for neurodivergent individuals. I hope my time as a council member will allow myself and other young autistic individuals to come together and collate our ideas and visions for a brighter, autism-friendly future so people can strive, no matter how they present or function.

I am obsessed with plants, especially desert plants! If you don't find me with my nose in a book then maybe check the nearest botanic garden? I also love animals and being in nature, where I like to write, photograph and wild swim! I am also dedicated to being a part in the education movement to help societal issues surrounding neurodivergence, LGBTQ+ rights and racial equality.

Emily - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I joined the Youth Council as I want to help improve the lives of those on the spectrum as even though today there is increased awareness about the condition, discrimination is still very prominent. I want to make sure that autistic individuals have the same opportunities as their neurotypical peers. 

My passions are baking, dog walking, shopping and advocating for autistic people. 

Lucy - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I am really passionate about changing the education system and health system to be more inclusive to people with autism, so that we all have the same opportunities and can thrive. The Youth Council has enabled me to make huge changes and help so many people through our education and mental health projects, which is exactly what I wanted to do by joining the Youth Council. 

I love being creative and completing cross-stitches, and spending time with my family. I also enjoy playing video games and the piano, and I'm very interested in play therapy and passionate about helping children and young people who have autism, learning disabilities, and trauma.

Meg - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I have a strong desire to make a difference whilst working alongside other autistic young people

I am interested in governance, leadership and finding new snacks! 

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Youth Council member

I have joined the Youth Council to help increase accessibility for my younger siblings who are also autistic, to find a community, and to understand myself better.

My interests include designing accessible cities, architecture.

Patrick - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I joined Youth Council because routes for autistic people into employment are not as inclusive and accessible as they should be. Also finding meaningful friendships and loneliness is a wide issue for some autistic people which has affected me personally. Leading to me wanting to have my voice heard. 

In my free time I enjoy plane spotting, reading, art, theatre, traveling on public transport, spending time with my friends and music. 

Rebecca - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I joined the Youth Council because I want to be able to use my voice to create positive change for autistic people. I want to be working with other autistic people to help make society better for autistic people. Through this, I will develop my confidence, public speaking skills and will feel like I’m making a difference.  

I have loved being involved with giving presentations with the Ambitious Youth Network and would love to do more with Ambitious about Autism and advise the board on topics from my own personal experience as an autistic person.   

One of my passions is about improving healthcare for autistic people, both in autism specific services and also in the general healthcare sector. I also love pandas and cricket and am part of the Surrey Pan-Disability cricket squad.  

Vera - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I would like to help improve the lives of autistic people and give back to the charity – I joined the Ambitious Youth Network in 2020 and it has been a massive part of my autism self-acceptance journey.  

I love nature, dogs, maps, and all things creative – multimedia art, crochet, infographics and my autism advocacy illustrations (@happyautisticlady on Instagram). 

Saffron - Youth Council member


Youth Council member

I joined the Youth Council because, having had a difficult time growing up and dealing with my autism and mental health issues, I am incredibly passionate about improving support and opportunities for others with autism, and really want to make real, tangible change. In particular I want to focus on females with autism, the interplay between mental health and autism, victimisation, and overall to help others transition to adulthood! 

I love art and textile/craft projects, Harry Potter, food (in particular cereal), and researching and making factsheets about almost any topic (from the differences between cake and bread to the emerging issues in antimicrobial resistance, to the history of the Philippines!).