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Meet the team

Our employability team is friendly, approachable and happy to answer any of your questions. Find out more about each of them by reading their one-page profiles.

Clare Caccavone Programme Director at Ambitious about Autism

Clare Caccavone

Programme Director

After a varied career spanning 15 years within further education, Clare moved to Ambitious about Autism and has developed a range of programmes and services including Treehouse School sixth form careers development; Learner and Family Engagement; Youth Participation; Autism Exchange and now oversees the development and implementation of the national Employ Autism programme.  

Clare is an experienced leader, speaker and trainer as well as a passionate advocate for diversity, equality and inclusion everywhere. 

Find out more about Clare by reading her one page profile.

Felicity Carter Project Manager at Ambitious about Autism profile image

Felicity Carter

Project Manager

Felicity is the Programme Manager for London and surrounding areas and manages the Careers advice team to deliver support to candidates of the programme. Felicity provides advice and expertise to employers to adapt their recruitment processes as well as supporting employers throughout internships.

Felicity has wide-ranging experience delivering training on topics including understanding autism, autism in employment and customer service.

Find out more about Felicity by reading her one page profile

Jade Fuller

Jade Fuller

Programme Manager

Jade  has worked for more than 10 years with business and education to help prepare young people for their future careers. Building on this experience Jade is now working across the country to establish and deliver the Employ Autism programme, bringing together employers and partners from education, local authorities and support agencies to ensure  people with autism can access paid work experience.

Find out more about Jade by reading her one page profile.

Corinne Guerin Information, Advice and Guidance Officer at Ambitious about Autism profile image

Corinne Guerin

Information, Advice and Guidance Officer

Corinne is qualified to deliver information, advice and guidance sessions to young people. Through our programme she provides direct support to autistic young people to improve their CV and interview skills.

Find out more about Corrine by reading her one page profile.

Elizabeth Carrithers Project Support Officer at Ambitious about Autism profile image

Elizabeth Carrithers

Business Support Officer

Elizabeth is often the first point of contact to young people and employers and is always professional and reassuring in providing the information that you need.

Find out more about Elizabeth by reading her one page profile.

Peter Wynch

Peter Wynch

Employer Engagement Officer

Peter is the first point of contact for many of the employers who want to partner with us and is available to provide a programme overview and the steps to joining our network.

Find out more about Peter by reading his one page profile

Maria Ashworth

Maria Ashworth

Employ Autism External Evaluator

Maria is a PhD student at the Centre for Research in Autism and Education (CRAE), at UCL Institute for Education. Maria's PhD research project is tracking and evaluating the Employ Autism programme to improve knowledge and practice about how to support autistic people into employment and provide evidence to support a final framework of the Employ Autism programme. 

Maria has a range of experience in developmental psychology and autism research and has worked on projects about Education Health and Care plans, transitioning to secondary school and developing a Research Passport to support inclusive, autism-friendly research. 

Find out more about Maria by reading her one page profile