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How your support can make a difference

£3 can make a huge difference to autistic children, young people and their families. Coronavirus and lockdown have turned the lives of autistic children and their families upside down. Read a wonderful story by Kes Gray  helping children make sense of these changes and donate £3.

£5 will enable us to help more autistic young people to connect safely online. The unprecedented crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic is having a profound effect on autistic young people. Many, already deeply affected by isolation, anxiety and financial hardship, are struggling to cope with the current situation and could benefit from opportunities to connect safely online.

£10 could support half an hour on our community forum – Talk about Autism. This service provides a vital platform for parents, carers and young people to connect and support each other during this period of increased isolation and stress. 

£30 could pay for a Family Support Worker. This will ensure we provide telephone support to a family in crisis on matters such as welfare, health and legal support.

£100 could cover the cost of online chats. This includes reparing and delivering a 90-minute specialised and supportive online chat for autistic young people.

Stand with autistic children and young people 

Ambitious about Autism urgently needs help to continue providing highly specialist education, support and information to 250 autistic children, young people and their families across our education settings.

We also need help to provide specialist online information and support to autistic children and young people and families across the country, to tackle isolation, anxiety and mental health problems.  

Donate today and help us be there for our autistic community at this urgent hour of need.