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We are working in partnership with Santander Universities UK  to create a ground-breaking employability programme for autistic students and graduates. 

Together, we will unlock the potential of thousands of autistic students and boost the neurodiversity of the nation’s workforce. 


How it works

  • we have partnered with 17 universities from across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
  • careers staff at the universities are trained by us to help them support their autistic students
  • we are training and supporting employers from across the country to offer paid work experience placements to autistic students and graduates
  • a full evaluation report is written by Autistica and shared to show the impact and why this programme should be extended.

We are delighted that Santander Universities UK are providing match funding which means the salaries of the interns can be paid, making this a truly zero-cost offer for the employers who take part.

If you’re an employer who can offer a placement to a university student or graduate, then join the network.

Students or graduates from our partner universities who’d like to find out more should speak to your university’s careers team for more information.