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We need an education

We need an education

Children are being denied an education simply because they're autistic. It's time to put them back in the picture.

We're running our "We need an education" campaign to stimulate the debate on a number of key issues around autism and education.


No child with autism is the same, so why would their education be? How many more parents will have to take legal action to get access to the right services and support before the system changes? How many more children are waiting for diagnosis and early support?


Nearly half of families tell us their child has been unlawfully excluded. How many more children will be failed before anyone listens?


Nine out of ten teachers don't feel prepared to teach children with autism, yet statistically every teacher will teach a child with autism. How can we expect teachers to do their best if we do not train and support them?


Children with autism become adults with autism. What's the purpose of education if it doesn't prepare them to thrive in the future, secure independence and develop their employability skills?

We'll be asking people to share their stories and campaign alongside us to build a better future for children with autism. We want to have an honest conversation, for people to share their experiences with decision makers and influencers and have those difficult conversations. Because if we don't do it now, when will we do it? 

We would urge you to be a part of our journey towards creating an education system which works for every child. We can't do it alone. Every single one of you is here because you were a vital part of our history and are a critical part of our future. Please join us on this important journey, so we do not fail any more children and young people with autism, simply because they have a disability.


Campaign references and sources

For full We Need An Education campaign references and sources, please click here [opens PDF]. 


We Need an Education campaign summary

Read our latest leaflet which highlights the aims of our We Need An Education campaign and key findings from our latest research. 

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