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Transition in employment toolkit

Transition to employment toolkit

When they leave school, too few autistic young people carry on into further education, employment or training. Our Transition to employment toolkit aims to tackle that problem. 

It has been developed to support those working with autistic young people to understand their needs and help them onto the job ladder, or into further training or education.

It includes resources for employers, post-16 careers and employability professionals and young autistic people themselves. The toolkit can be used as a whole, or as separate parts relevant to you. You can use all the resources in a section, or just the ones relevant to you or the young person. The editable templates can be adapted to each young person’s level of understanding and support needs.

To improve employment opportunities for young autistic people, download our free Transition to employment resource now. 

Download the toolkit


Employ Autism

We have a successful track record supporting autistic young people into employment. Find out more about our work with employers and young people.


Training for post-16 careers and employability professionals and employers 

You can contact the training and consultancy team to find out more about the services we offer careers and employability professionals and employers.