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Written Off? campaign toolkit

Our campaign to protect rights and funding for children with SEND and their families.

About this campaign toolkit

As supporters and key organisations working to improve the SEND system, we have created this toolkit below to help you support our campaign to protect existing rights and funding for autistic children and young people and their families.

This toolkit contains sample social media posts and shareable graphics to help raise awareness with your friends, families and networks.

Visit our Google Drive page to access the full toolkit which contains suite of assets and copy for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram or download the toolkit in PDF format.  

Below you can find suggested posts and graphics for Twitter for young people, parents and supporters.

Written Off? campaign toolkit

Join our campaign

Take action to protect funding and rights for autistic children and young people.  

How you can help

  • Copy the suggested Twitter posts below and share them on your personal account. 

  • We have created a gallery of assets for each social media platform. Right-click on the graphic below that you would like to use and save to your desktop or smartphone. You can also download these directly from Google Drive. You can use these graphics when you post on your social media profile. 

  • Don't forget to use the #WrittenOff hashtag and engage with us through your personal and professional accounts (like, comment, repost, retweet, share).

  • Follow and tag Ambitious about Autism on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to share our content. You can also share our petition on WhatsApp.

  • Look out for other ways to get involved in the future, by signing up for our newsletter to receive regular email updates and news from Ambitious about Autism.


Suggested tweets for young people


Stand with me and sign @AmbitiousAutism’s petition to protect the rights and funding for young people with SEND. We should not be #WrittenOff by a system that fails to give us the basic support we need to go to school and achieve our ambitions. 


Don’t allow autistic young people like me be #WrittenOff. I’ve signed @AmbitiousAutism’s petition because [explain your reason] 


Please sign @AmbitiousAutism’s petition to protect rights and funding for young people with SEND. I was #WrittenOff because [share your personal story] 

Suggested tweets for parents


I’m standing with autistic young people to campaign for change. Join me and sign  @AmbitiousAutism’s petition to protect rights and funding for young people with SEND and their families. #WrittenOff


I’ve just signed @AmbitiousAutism’s petition demanding action to protect rights and funding for young people with SEND. Young people should not be #WrittenOff because [explain your reason]


Sign @AmbitiousAutism’s petition to protect rights and funding for young people with SEND. My child was #WrittenOff (by/because) [share your personal story]

Suggested tweets for supporters


Join @AmbitiousAutism’s campaign and stop children and young people being #WrittenOff by an education system that doesn’t meet their needs. Stand with them and take action to protect their rights. Sign the petition


We can’t risk making things worse and writing off autistic young people before they’ve even left school. Act now to ensure government listens to autistic young people and their families. Sign @AmbitiousAutism’s petition. #WrittenOff


The special needs system is broken. But families fear proposals in the SEND review could make it harder to access the support they need. Join @AmbitiousAutism’s campaign to protect vital SEND rights and funding #WrittenOff

Thank you for supporting our campaign and standing with autistic children and young people.