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We need an education

When will we learn campaign

All children have a right to a full education, but for nearly 45% of children with autism this simply isn’t their experience.

As a country we pride ourselves on our outstanding grades and world class league tables. But there are some shameful figures we choose to ignore and by doing that, who we are really ignoring are children with autism.

Too many children are being excluded from school, legally and illegally. Schools are free to exclude pupils with autism with no consequence and this cannot happen anymore. We are publishing hard-hitting reports on the rate of exclusions and producing practical resources for parents to fight their children’s exclusions. But the government must ensure that schools who break the rules are held to account – introducing much better procedures for reporting and sanctioning schools that illegally exclude. We’re working alongside government on making this a reality through their review on exclusions, so no more children miss out and families do not have to struggle.

All children must have access to a full education and not be discriminated against simply because they are autistic and we’re saying enough is enough.


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