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When will we learn campaign

With the right education and support, we know children and young people with autism can learn, thrive and achieve.

But right now, children with autism are being failed by our education system. 

And it doesn't have to be this way. 

Have you watched our campaign trailer?


It shouldn't have to be a battle. 

It shouldn’t be so difficult to get children with autism the education they deserve.

Teachers should be trained and supported. 

Teachers are under-resourced, under-prepared and are being let down by the education system. No teacher enters the job wanting to fail. 


Children with autism should have a full day at school.

These undocumented exclusions are unfair and deprive children of their full education.

No child should be this anxious about attending school.

Children should not have to miss school because they are feeling so anxious. They should be supported to learn. 


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