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All I want for Christmas
Youth participation
Monday 05 December 2022

Tips for the festive season from autistic young people

The festive season is a time of celebration, with lots of gatherings, parties and change to normal routines. These changes can be challenging for autistic young people.  

Members of our Ambitious Youth Network have shared what they want this Christmas to help make the festive season more enjoyable.  

Read their tips: 

Saffron shares her wish for the holidays: 

“To know in advance what will be happening and who is coming over, on the 'big' days.”

Megan shares her advice for the festive season: 

“To eat what I want and have some time on my own as it can get overwhelming and can really drain me to the point I can feel very tired and have a shutdown.” 

Josef shares how he manages the festive season: 

“To see my family happy and help out in any way possible I can. Sometimes I must admit it can get a bit too much, but when that happens, I just take time out for a while.” 

Saffron shares her hopes for the festive season: 

“Not be pressured to eat foods that might be stressful for my sensory difficulties.” 

Archie shares his wishes for the holidays: 

“To be happy, be with my family, watch films and enjoy Christmas dinner. Swapping presents can feel overwhelming so I watch my new DVDs upstairs.” 

Saffron shares how she manages the busy festive season: 

“I need time out to rest in-between all the social activities and help to keep to my routines when schedules have to fit round all the events.”


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