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Family and relationships

We will influence change by enabling and supporting autistic children and young people and their families to make decisions and break barriers themselves, and by ensuring that their voices are heard in decisions that affect their lives. 

We will ensure families have increased knowledge, skills, and confidence to support their autistic children and young people. 

Autistic children, young people and their families will feel more connected with their peers and communities, reducing loneliness and isolation. 

Autistic children and young people and their parents/carers will be more empowered to influence decisions about their lives. 

As an organisation we have the foundations in place to become the trusted source of information and support for parents and carers and autistic children and young people themselves. In turn this will elevate autistic and parent/carer voice, as we build our networks and partnerships. This will put us in an unrivalled position to influence policy and practice.


Our goal 

We will launch an information and support service that will provide tiered support to autistic children and young people, and their parents and carers. 

A universal offer of high quality, relevant, accurate and accessible information and guidance. 

Targeted support via online communities co-produced by and for autistic young people and their parents and carers to access peer support and build connections. 

Specialist learner and family support service for autistic children and young people and their parents and carers while attending our education settings and throughout their journey with us. 


What is the Ambitious Youth Network?  

The Ambitious Youth Network is an online platform that connects young people aged 16-25 with other autistic young people on the network. 

Saffron, a member of the Ambitious Youth Network, talks about the benefits of meeting other autistic young people and how this has helped her see the positives in her abilities and learn more about autism. 


What is Talk about Autism?  

Talk about Autism is the UK's largest online community for parents and carers of autistic children and young people.   


Learn more about active citizenship in the community.  


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