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Employ Autism Campaign Supporters

These organisations have added their support for the Employ Autism campaign.

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Our supporters!


We all have the right to meaningful paid employment. For many of us, we take paid employment for granted. However, for many it isn’t quite so easy. 
Our talented staff are recruited because of their skills and expertise, regardless of their support needs. 
For us without employing talented and skilled people with autism or a learning disability we couldn’t do our job. We believe that all people with autism and/or a learning disability should have access to the best education
and employment support, where their dreams and aspirations are recognised.
We want to see more employers employing staff with autism and/or a learning disability in paid skilled roles on a living wage and support Employ Autism to make that happen.

Sporting Communities

"Sporting Communities firmly believes in treating all with equality and dignity. Please show your support for World Autism Awareness Day."


AS Mentoring

"Invest in young people with autism. Many just need an opportunity: give them the chance to demonstrate their skills in the workplace. It is in no one's interest to let so much talent and potential go untapped."


Participation People

"Participation People are proud to sign up to Ambitious About Autism’s awareness campaign. We will be recruiting 2 interns to work with us this summer to support young people into employment. Excited!" 


Daniel Zeichner MP

"This World Autism Awareness Day it is important for us all to restate our commitment to stand up for people in Cambridge and across the UK affected by this complex condition. Across Cambridge there are some fantastic organisations such as Voiceability's SpeakOut Council playing a vital role in providing people with unique opportunities and support.
With the right support and opportunities, people with autism can make a great contribution to their local community."

The Lord Addington

"We should do all we can to include those on the autism spectrum in day-to-day life, this cannot be done unless we start to systematically make sure all those who deliver public services have at least a basic understanding of the problem and have access to specialist backup."

Contracts IT Recruitment Consulting

"We believe in giving everyone no matter who they are, an equal footing in the world of technology and happily support #EmployAutism. On World Autism Awareness Day, let us come together to raise awareness of autism in the workplace and the value that diversity brings.  Every employer can harness a positive attitude towards employing and enjoying the benefits of autism." 

Rt Hon Cheryl Gillan MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Autism

"It is so important to raise awareness about all aspects of life for people with autism. 
I welcome the work that Ambitious About Autism is doing to help young people with autism to enter the world of work."

Rt Hon Alistair Burt MP

“This government is committed to children and young people’s mental health, investing £1.4 billion over this Parliament. That is why I am delighted to support Ambitious about Autism’s Employ Autism campaign - with the right support and opportunities, young people with autism can make a brilliant contribution to the workforce and to their local communities.”

Jon Snow

"I believe that with the right support and opportunities, these young people can achieve incredible things.

That’s why I’m supporting Ambitious about Autism’s campaign, Employ Autism during this World Autism Awareness Month. The charity wants to ensure young people with autism get the right education, advice and work experience opportunities to prepare for them for the world of work and ensure employers have the understanding and will to support this transition."

Sainsbury's, Muswell Hill

Sainsbury's, Muswell Hill said:

‘We are so delighted and to be working with TreeHouse School and look forward to welcoming some of the pupils to complete work experience in our store. This is not just a fantastic opportunity for the pupils but also for the colleagues and managers within the store.

'Having seen the amazing work that the school does for its pupils first hand, it’s wonderful to provide further learning and development opportunities for the pupils in a store environment such as Sainsburys. We are really excited about the prospect of helping such a great project within our local community.’




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