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Being bisexual

Our autism friendly formats can help children and young people understand different identities. If you prefer information in a visual way, here you can read our being bisexual visual story


In 2019, the National Office of Statistics estimated that 591,000 people in the UK were bisexual. Bisexuality means that a person can form a physical, romantic, sexual and/ or emotional attraction to the same, or more than one gender. 


What does being bisexual mean? 

Like autism, sexuality is a spectrum. Bisexual means being attracted to the gender, the same as your own as well as to other genders. Some people use it to mean “attracted to two or more genders”.  

Bisexuality is not a phase and bisexuals are not confused, not indecisive and increasingly promiscuous. These are derogatory and offensive assumptions. Some assume that bisexuals cannot be attracted to non-binary or trans people, this is not necessarily true. Sometimes the term pansexual is used interchangeably.  

Read Saffron's blog on being autistic, bisexual and proud. Saffron is a member of the Ambitious Youth Network. 


What does being pansexual mean? 

Pansexual means having the potential to be attracted to all genders. Both binary, traditionally male or female, and non-binary. Some people use the word pansexual to be specifically inclusive of trans people and non-binary but remember that being trans isn’t a separate category. Because “trans” isn’t a gender, it’s how you experience gender. Read more about being transgender

People identify with a label that feels most authentic to them, others don’t like to identify with a label at all. Sexuality is a spectrum and is fluid, so people can change how they choose to identify at any point.  


Busting myths about being bisexual

“Everyone is a little bisexual.” 


Human sexuality is complex. When we suggest that everyone is a little bit attracted to the other sex, it takes away from people’s freedom to express who they truly are. People who are bisexual will have put a lot of thought into their identity and it’s not fair to minimise their experience by saying everyone is a bit bi. 


“Bisexuals are equally attracted to both men and women.” 


Some bisexuals might feel a 50/50 split to both men and women, others will not. Some bisexual people might feel more romantic towards one gender but more physical attraction to another. Only the individual can know what they’re feeling, and others shouldn’t assume. 


“You have never kissed a person of the same gender, so you’re not really bisexual.” 


A person doesn’t need to have had a physical experience with someone else to understand who they’re attracted to. Sexual orientation describes more than just physical attraction. It includes romantic, emotional, mental and spiritual attraction to other people too.  


“There’s only one person of a different gender that you have a crush on. Does this mean you’re definitely bisexual?” 


How people choose to identify is completely up to them. If straight feels like the label that fits them best, then no one can tell them otherwise. If how they feel changes, or they learn about another identity, they may choose to change how they self-identify. As we grow, we change, it’s perfectly normal for identity to change too. Sexual and gender identity is fluid and people can choose to label themselves, or not, in whatever way they see fit. 


Famous bisexual people

  • Kristen Stewart  
  • Josh Hutcherson  
  • Billie Joe Armstrong 
  • Mel B 
  • Megan Fox 
  • Azealia Banks 
  • Evan Rachel Wood 
  • Aaron Carter 
  • Woody Cook 
  • Gillian Anderson 
  • Mara Wilson 
  • Jason Mraz 
  • Deborah Anne Dyer OBE aka Skin 


Questions to consider

  1. What does Pride mean to you?
  2. How do you feel attraction?
  3. Do you know anyone who is LGBTQ+? 


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