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Like autism, gender identity and sexual orientation exist on a spectrum. 

The unique experience of being young, autistic and LGBTQ+ has often been overlooked. We recognise there hasn’t been enough LGBTQ+ specific resources in the autistic community.  

Some research suggests that gender identity and sexuality are more varied in autistic people. Being LGBTQ+ and autistic are two identities that co-exist, and being autistic does not change any LGBTQ + identity.  

To support autistic young people in understanding themselves and others, we have worked closely with LGBTQ+ autistic young people to produce articles and visual stories, based on their own experiences. 

In this video, three of our Youth Network members open up about their experiences of being an LGBTQ+ autistic young person; from finding events that are inclusive for the autistic community, to following LGBTQ+ content creators online.