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Autism diagnosis next steps

I have just been diagnosed - what next?

Getting an autism diagnosis as a young adult can be a moment of huge significance. On one hand it can feel like finally getting answers to questions about yourself, or feelings of difference from others. But an autism diagnosis can also raise many more questions that need answering. 

Lots of young people understandably want further information and support to understand their diagnosis. Yet, we know from speaking to young people that this advice can be hard to come by. 


Need a place to talk? 

The Ambitious Youth Network is an online space for autistic young people aged 14-25. The network is a place where autistic young people can talk to their peers about their experiences - including if they wish, their diagnosis. 


Further help 

The National Autistic Society has lots of information that might be useful for newly diagnosed autistic adults - including advice on benefits, housing and community support.

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