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Youth Network
Benjamin Redmayne

Post-diagnosis support
Wednesday 06 March 2024

Co-producing an audio documentary to explore autistic experiences

This audio documentary aimed to break down myths, give a realistic insight into life after diagnosis and share positive experiences of being autistic. This was primarily to share with other autistic young people, but also created to conclude a conference about post-diagnosis support for professionals and parents/carers who work with autistic young people.


Bringing it to life

To create the recording, members of the Ambitious Youth Network worked with artist, Jack Miguel, both online and at in-person workshops to produce and record the documentary. Together, the group explored their strengths as autistic young people and what they thought was important to share with other autistic young people, who are also exploring their autistic identity.

This inspired a set of questions which the group then recorded responses to. Ambitious Youth Network members then considered the structure of the piece, what should be included, and how it should sound. Jack then took these recordings and thoughts to craft into an audio documentary, named by the group as "Autistically Me".


Listen now

Members of the Ambitious Youth Network hope autistic young people feel inspired by the documentary, can reflect on what autism means to them, and can consider their own strengths as an autistic young person.


Credits: Alice W, Hannah M, Niamh M, Saffron M, Susannah C, Willow J.
Produced and edited by: Jack Miguel