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Christmas comes to Ambitious College

On Thursday 8 December, Ambitious College hosted a Christmas market at Bernie Grant Arts Centre, showcasing all that they've learnt this year.

On Thursday 8 December, Ambitious College hosted a Christmas market at Bernie Grant Arts Centre (St. Paul’s Square) next door to CONEL.

We had stalls per pathway, to reflect the work the learners had been doing this term. ILS (Independent Living Skills) stall were selling healthy snacks, representative of their learning to cook, clean, in a safe and functional way whilst maintaining a healthy diet. This supports learners preparation for living as independently as possible, having choices over the food they eat and how it is prepared.

Good Health were selling second hand items, and we will be donating the proceeds to another charity, Kids Westminster Home Learning – this is to demonstrate all we have learned about the benefits of helping others as well as helping ourselves to be calm and form relationships. Throughout the term we have tried yoga, deep breathing, and other exercises to help ourselves. We have also been learning about money and time, the two things we hope to give to Kids. We had a great time racing on the space hoppers they brought!

Social Enterprise were selling chocolates they have made, under the new company name, ‘Ambitious Sweet Dreams’. These are produced and packaged by our learners whom hope to seek employment after college and are looking for a fun way to gain the skills necessary. They sold all of their handmade chocolates in the first twenty minutes, as we listened to Will and Alan, our multi-talented coordinators, play guitar and sing Christmas classics.

Indoors, the sound of crunching tinsel and excited laughter could be heard from the community pathway photo booth, which CONEL kindly played host to. A few of our new starters got stuck in taking photos of everybody who came along, in Christmas gear against the Ambitious backdrop.

Arts were selling art and decorations, and photo frames, as created by our learners. This pathway encourages learners to think creatively, and aesthetically.

There were demonstrations of our communication methods, OT exercises and a music session, too. These offer a flavour of the way we operate as a college and the way our learners interact with us and each other in pursuit of a more socially cohesive setting. The speech and language stall, hosted by three learners demonstrated use of Proloquo2go, PECS, Makaton and a Communication Book to invite the public to communicate with them,

The Christmas Market was a great day for all the learners, and staff, who participated. Learners spent weeks and weeks developing skills in communicating with members of the public, money recognition and handling skills, washing ironing and folding the clothes which were donated, and more. On the day, one learner did a fantastic job selling the range of sausage rolls, gluten free granola bars, snowman cookies and more  which they had prepared for the event.  Well done to all the Ambitious College CONEL learners!

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